WorkSocial Conference Meeting Rooms – Yay or Nay?

WorkSocial Conference Meeting Rooms

Conference meeting rooms are an important part of any office, as it creates an environment where everyone can sit together and discuss important topics related to the business, and bounce ideas off of each other. By creating a separate environment where this happens, employees know that they are able to communicate freely and focus on the sole topic at hand. This is largely preferable to shouting at each other across the office. There are many things to consider when looking at a meeting room, as to whether or not it is suitable for business.

Comfort, design, functionality and accessibility are all important factors to consider, and can make or break a long meeting in a company. With that being said, in this review, we are going to consider these factors when it comes to the popular WorkSocial conference meeting rooms, which are available for hire.

WorkSocial Conference rooms


Comfort is one of the most important parts of any meeting room, as often meetings can go on for a significant amount of time. WorkSocial conference rooms are somewhat comfortable, with many seats available at a long table for optimal ergonomics. The conference rooms are fitted out with a beautiful view to take away the stress that can be caused on the body from sitting in an office space all day.


The design of the conference rooms are modern and contemporary and do resemble a tech office of sorts. This way, it takes away from the traditional cubicle look which offices have often been associated with, and instead turns it into a quirky, modern room which people can enjoy sitting in. This definitely takes some mental strain away which often accompanies the traditional office cubicle look.

WorkSocial Conference rooms

Functionality and accessibility

When in an office, functionality and accessibility is the most important factor to consider, because at the end of the day, practicality is what makes the business operation run. The WorkSocial conference rooms offer easy accessibility due to their central location in which all employees can easily visit them. They also allow for functionality, as they are fitted out with whiteboards and screens, as well as power points. This ensures technology can be used for presentation and other purposes in the conference rooms.

Final verdict

Our final verdict on WorkSocial and their conference rooms is that they are a great choice and should be utilized by any business looking for this type of environment. Moreover, WorkSocial is a minority and women owned business, and they help to connect with these communities and provide them with the resources they need to grow.

WorkSocial meeting room hire