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Why the restored jewellery and watch industry is on the rise

It is common practice to show your love and care to those you love the most by showering them with expensive gifts. Luxurious jewellery, like watches and bracelets, are a big part of this category. Indeed, the fine jewellery industry has always attracted customers looking to improve their status or social class by donning some fashionable, opulent jewellery. The problem is not many people can afford expensive and affluent jewellery items, so other means are necessary.

Indeed, because jewellery can be so expensive and living costs have steadily risen with inflation, the jewellery restoration market has slowly grown in value. Dedicated, independent businesses like Gray and Sons offer their loyal clients some of the most unique and valuable used-jewellery going around, and they do so at a more reasonable price.

Need more context?

Let’s face it, you shouldn’t have to spend a ridiculous amount of money for jewellery. Jewellery is so subjective and goes in and out of fashion so rapidly. If you’re someone that doesn’t need to have the latest item in the catalogue, then you should check out your options in the restoration market. Buying a preowned piece can give you everything you want at a lower price, while still fostering a sentimental connection.

What about Gray and Sons?

Gray and Sons was founded in 1980 and has been serving the local Florida community for all those 40 years. They have built a formidable reputation for quality and consistency. With Gray and Sons, you are guaranteed to receive some of the best second-hand jewellery in the market.

Founded by Keith A. Gray, Keith recognises the importance of having a keen eye for detail and the need to have a reliable support network. This is why Gray and Sons has a dedicated and reliable team of Swiss watchmakers that have ensured that the business has grown and thrived over the past four decades.

Why you should choose Gray and Sons?

When it comes to picking a jeweller, you want to ascertain that you are receiving the best possible goods and quality of service. So, what are some of the things that Gray and Sons do well?

Fair pricing

As outlined earlier, one of the big discriminators in this industry is the price level. Purchasing a brand-new piece of jewellery, depending on the item and quality, could set you back thousands of dollars. However, going to a restoration jeweller and picking out a similar piece (albeit second-hand), will save you a lot of money.

Gray and Sons are transparent when it comes to pricing. Because of their independence, they won’t be swayed by a manufacturer, who may have complete control over their pricing. On the contrary, Gray and Sons endeavour to offer their clients flexible and fair prices.

Quality you can trust

At the end of the day, you can always rely on Gray and Sons’ level of quality. They are a business that takes a lot of pride in their work, which transcends the company’s brand and perception in the community.

Indeed, you can see their quality assurance in the warranties and guarantees afforded to customers. With watches, customers are afforded 1-2-year warranties, solidifying Gray and Sons’ commitment to sustained quality. Customers are also offered a 10-day trial period, much like a “no questions asked” return policy. Basically, customers can purchase an item, trial it for several days and then return it within the 10 days, regardless of the reason, for a full refund. Larger purchases (over $2000), are also eligible for free maintenance and refurbishment services. Customers are also entitled to receive battery replacement and pressure testing for their purchased items.