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Why Eddie Murphy isn’t coming out of semi-retirement

Eddie Murphy is absolutely game to take on projects, but he doesn’t plan on working full time anytime soon.

In a sneak preview from his forthcoming Today show interview, the actor sat down to talk about his “semi-retired state.” The actor was made the television appearance to promote his new film Dolemite Is My Name.

“I still am in the semi-retired state,” the 58-year-old tells host Al Roker. Murphy also revealed what he has been doing during his long hiatus.

“For maybe five or six years, I was on the couch, just doing nothing, and not planning and not trying to get anything. I had things in development, but I just was doing nothing,” he added. But even though the actor and comedian wasn’t actively taking on work, he didn’t feel like he was missing out at all.

“That means I’m never ever, ever — even if that means people love these pictures I’m doing — I’m never going to be on it like I was in my 20s,” he said on the show. “What I like to do more than anything is to not have a schedule and just be within earshot of my children. That’s my favorite dish.”

Murphy’s semi-retirement comes just in time after he and his fiancée Paige Butcher welcomed their son Max into the world in December last year. But the comedian clarified that he was definitely down to do work for the right projects. He then revealed that after filming three movies, wrapping up his stand-up tour and appearing on SNL, he’ll be back on retirement once again.