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What Your Choice in Prescription Glasses Says About You?

They say that prescription glasses make you who you are. Icons such as Buddy Holly, all the way to Velma from Scooby Doo, had spectacles that represented their personality. There are many different styles to choose from for your frames, such as round, square, tortoiseshell, and brow line frames.

Each of these styles signifies different things about your personality, accentuating you’re the very thing that makes you the person that you are. In this article, we will be taking a closer look into the various types of prescription glasses and what it says about yourself.

What your prescription glasses says about your personality 

Round shaped spectacles: Creative 

According to GlassesShop round shade prescription glasses remind us all of hippie days spectacles. This retro look is back on the trends, with more and more people wearing these frames to accentuate their look. These spectacles will massively indicate that you are a unique individual who is passionate about everything artistic and creative. If you have these frames, you would most likely be an arts professional working from galleries to performance art production companies.

Square shape prescription glasses: Strong and rugged 

Those with square-shaped frames usually take inspiration from the classic Clark Kent. Those who wear these forms of spectacles usually are tough and powerful types who are intent on fighting for justice and not backing out on things they believe in. For an even bolder look, get dark frames to amplify this overall strong quality.

Tortoiseshell prescription glasses: Unique and Quirky 

Those who own a pair of tortoiseshell prescription glasses appreciate the funny things and life. With its multiple colours, you can appreciate the unique quality that tortoiseshell frames offer. Those who own these kinds of frames are those who are definitely unique and funny due to the rare and interesting choice tortoiseshell spectacles offer. You can expect with these types of shades that people will know that you are quite the character with these shades in your frame.

Brow line frames: Serious 

Individuals who have browline frames are those who are the ultimate professionals —double the bold, double the trouble. You are the type of person people shouldn’t mess with. Show your candor and seriousness with this incredible range of shades. You are someone who is deadly serious and who cannot be reckoned with. Brow lines make evident your ability to take on the big issues. You are mature and not afraid to stand up for yourself.

As you can see 

Prescription glasses have a lot of character and identity, which shapes who you are as a person. There’s a variety of different shades and styles to choose from. With this huge variety, you surely find an option that most suits them. Whether you have tortoiseshell prescription glasses all the way to round-shaped spectacles, you can find one that suits who you are as a person. Frame yourself with the help of this impressive range of spectacles to choose from. You’ll definitely be in everyone’s sight with all your beauty radiating to and from.