What you should know about branding and custom clothing labels

What you should know about branding and custom clothing labels

The value of custom clothing labels as far as branding is concerned cannot be overemphasized. It can add immense success to your brand’s overall uniqueness. Here, we explore basic information about custom clothing labels that you need to know.

What are brand labels?

Well, they are a little piece of material that duly shows your company/brand’s details and are usually found in custom clothing labels. The details on the label span from a logo to wording, website, a tagline, or even washing guides. A brand label is primarily about expressing that unique identity your product has, as well as making it stand out amidst several others.

Brand labels gives your custom clothing an identity

With brand labels, you can get your custom clothing label to give your brand an identity that differentiates it from contemporaries. Trust me, your custom clothing brand label is arguably the most significant thing to look out for as far as product designing is concerned. The quick questions your custom clothing brand label can answer are incredible! They include:

  • Your identity
  • What you do
  • What your fundamental business values are
  • Whom your business seeks
  • What makes you unique!

Your clothing brand identity is your unique way to make a prospective customer know that your product is what suits them. And that identity is best expressed through your brand labels. Hence, using custom clothing brand labels for your clothing is a massive benefit for you, making it look professional and of high quality. That, in turn, encourages your customers to recognize your brand anywhere, anytime, easily!

Where to get started?

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Types of custom clothing labels

You must understand the different types of labels when choosing the best kind of custom clothing labels for your brand and product. Plus, it would be best if you remembered to be as simple as possible when choosing a label type because less is usually more. For instance, if your design has so many details, some label types could be unsuitable. Here are the types:

  • Woven Labels
  • Printed labels
  • Heat press labels
  • Hand tags

Woven labels: This is the most common label used for clothing as a result of its tiny fine thread that affords more details to be imputed with creative patterns and words on the label. What’s more, they are everywhere because they’re pretty cheap and affordable.  They are mainly made of damask and other respective yarn with high quality.

Printed labels: You get to see this inside the clothing usually. That’s because they are often printed materials that contain information like the garment size, brand logo, as well as care instructions as to how to have the clothing maintained.

Heat press labels: When it comes to what creates the least amount of friction as regards your skin and the material – heat press label is your guy. That’s precisely why it is the most label choice for sportswear.

Hang tags: Unlike the rest, hang tags are not directly attached to the material or garment, as they are usually put on the clothing while hanging from a little string. They lay out information that includes price, care guide, the make or designer, material, etc. Usually, they are larger than labels, and so they have the luxury to hold more detailed information. Hand tags are exactly what a prospective customer will first check out for when considering buying your product, simply because it shows much visible information that’s quite important.

In conclusion, you must recognize the importance of communication and quality when it comes to successfully employing the best use of custom clothing labels and creating a value irresistible for your brand!