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What you need to know about Aapi

With women’s rights becoming more and more apparent and accepted throughout the Middle East, Pakistan is no exception. The view that both men and women should work has become more widespread.

Aapi’s motto is Engage, Enable and Empower, and they do exactly that.

Based in the UK, Aapi’s overall goal for their business is to help women in Pakistan find financial independence and success, while becoming economic participants in the changing environment of Pakistan.

Aapi aims to launch virtual as well as physical programs which teach women essential workforce and in demand skills which will allow them to go out and pursue careers remotely as a virtual assistant or corporate hire. They want to create an environment for women which is all about pursuing a successful path, and guide them on this path with career training and counselling to help them achieve their goals. Aapi’s workshops can be enrolled in via online services or on premise, in which women will learn skills that can be used in order to become a freelancer and earn an income based on this. The courses are led by instructors and partners who have talents within these fields.

For those women who are limited in their abilities, and do not suit well to the corporate environment or online marketplaces, Aapi can provide a software platform which they can base their own business on in order to have a foundation as they attempt to become financially independent. This platform gives women in Pakistan a base to plant their roots into while they embark on their successful path and ultimate journey to financial freedom and success.

Overall, Aapi aims to empower women across Pakistan in order for them to become economic participants in an ever changing environment. The goal is for women in Pakistan to finally have a voice and a right to create their own income, relying solely on themselves to do so.

Their final goal is to empower 1 million women in Pakistan to reach their goals of financial independence and success, and with Aapi, they just might do that.

You can read more at https://promo.aapi.pk/signup/