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What we know about the Opera gaming web browser: Opera GX

Any computer power user will know how strenuous Google Chrome can be on your computers RAM and CPU. Especially if you browse fun websites like Reddit, opening many tabs. Issues like such led to speed improving browser extensions like The Great Suspender, which helps to keep your computer running smoothly by suspending tabs when not in use.

Fortunately for gaming enthusiasts, Opera recently released the worlds very first gaming browser titled Opera GX. Being very similar to popularly used Google Chrome and supporting the same browser extensions, Opera is a fast and lightweight multi-platform browser.

The basics of Opera GX centers around the control centre which allows you to set limits on how much RAM or CPU you use. Default settings aim to strike a balance between memory use and performance experience. The CPU limiter avoids excessively drain your computer, so you have performance power to focus on gaming.

Both classic Opera and Opera GX features a built-in adblocker and unlimited VPN. Technically Opera VPN is not like a traditional VPN, because it’s a proxy. Both hide your IP address, however a proxy does so without any encryption. Information is not secured, and any identifying data is not stripped away. A VPN on the other hand, tunnels your system to hide your information using some of the best practices. Anyone who truly cares about their anonymity will be disappointed.

In built twitch integration in the sidebar has also been added. Additionally, other messaging platforms can also be integrated with the sidebar including full support for Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp. Customisation and design features is always important with gaming peripherals and a system wide colour accent can be chosen. Additionally, video pop out for twitch and YouTube videos that floats in a window over tabs and other applications.

Opera has consistently been releasing multiple versions of its browser to gain more users and improve overall usability. Google Chrome still dominates the market, but interesting releases like this certainly help to raise awareness about Opera’s browser.

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