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What is Neliti and How Can It Help My Research Project?

Neliti is Indonesia’s number one location for source material, no matter what project you are working on. The research repository is home to a wealth of academic information that assists researchers in finding evidence, data, and empirical support for their projects. At Neliti you can find everything you could possibly need, from journal articles, to books, to reports, policy papers, government reports, and much more.

The key mission at Neliti is to create one place for researchers to discover the documents that they need for their work. The database has over 1330 libraries and over 3150 journals to explore. These resources were previously scattered across the internet, making them extremely difficult to locate and browse. Neliti’s database has made conducting research for a project a much more streamline process, allowing researchers to make better use of their time and successfully gather the relevant evidence for their work.

Neliti hopes that through making the research process easier, the lives of all Indonesian people can be improved. They aim to support policymakers and researchers so that they can create policies that are based in relevant data and evidence. Through this, Neliti is helping Indonesia develop thorough and significant research for the benefit of everyone.

If you are a researcher or policy maker looking for the highest quality data that Indonesia has to offer, then Neliti is the place to go to search for it. Easily browse their extensive database to find the perfect supporting evidence for your project.