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5 Best Virtual Phone System Providers in the US

A virtual phone system is essential for almost any business. Whether it is used for talking to customers or communicating with colleagues within the business, a virtual phone system is a highly convenient structure to implement that makes effective communication possible from wherever you may be. Various providers deliver this service in the US and each of their platforms comes with a variety of benefits.

These are the top 5 virtual phone system providers in the US. Find out why they are trusted by businesses and the nature of the services that they could deliver to you and your company.

#1 TalkrouteA man with a laptop and coffee smiling as he uses a virtual phone system provider to talk on the phone in the US.

Talkroute is the industry leader for reliable and exemplary virtual phone system providers. Started in 2011, Talkroute was developed as a solution for handling customer calls remotely. While there are other providers that deliver this service, the CEO of Talkroute, Paul Howey, was dissatisfied with the features that they provided and the costs that they charged. When working remotely, Paul found that there was no proper solution for handling calls provided by these existing services.

As a result, Talkroute was born and has a mission of allowing any business to simply and efficiently handle customer calls both inside and outside of the office. Usable from any desktop, web browser or mobile device, Talkroute has continued to evolve as one of the most practical and cost effective virtual phone systems. Deployed in minutes, the provider has spent the past decade maintaining their trusted services and adapting to suit any and every team.

Whether your company is big or small, Talkroute remain dedicated to providing a well-rounded and effective service for an affordable price. When you engage the services of Talkroute, you can guarantee that you will not be surprised by any extra taxes or fees. There is no contract required and you will not need to purchase or install any expensive and unnecessary equipment. Talkroute is built on the belief that you should not have to pay for an extensive amount of features that are not needed by you or by your business.

They keep their service easy to implement and simple to use, providing expert results without hassle or confusion. With 24/7 support available and an exclusive free trial for every new account, there’s no surprise that Talkroute has become the standout virtual phone system provider in the US.

#2 MightyCallA man smiling at a phone using a virtual phone provider in the US.

MightyCall is a fast and secure virtual phone system that specializes in providing this service to small businesses. Offering a range of features within the service, this is one of the most well-rounded yet affordable options in the US. Their list of features includes, but is not limited to, call forwarding, voicemail, texts, voice-to-text, mini-CRM functionality and live support. Making it easier than ever to work from anywhere, MightyCall has a professional and usable feel to it. One of the most unique aspects of this virtual phone system is the flat rate which they charge.

While other providers typically charge per user, MightyCall have a set price for your entire business each and every month. Another standout aspect is the company’s dedication to security. The last thing you want as a business is for your texts and calls to be intercepted by hackers. With MightyCall, you can have the reassurance that this will not happen thanks to their high-class methods for encrypting your communications (and payments). No extensive setup is necessary for this service, you can easily and instantly start using it to improve your business communications both internally and externally. Your existing virtual phone number, if you have one, can also be ported in for free so that you can continue to use it.

Your customers will have a much more streamlined experience when dealing with your business if your team has an easy way to communicate with them. So what are you waiting for? Try a free test with MightyCall and experience some of the high-class features for yourself.

#3 Phone.comA woman at a window looking at a phone with a virtual phone system provider in the US.

Phone.com is an innovator in the field of virtual phone system providers. With no contract required, you are free to customize and experiment with the service to your heart’s desire. Collaboration within your business can be achieved with Phone.com through a combination of voice, text, video, fax, and conferencing. Boasting over 50+ features, this may be one of the most extensive virtual phone system services available in the US. It is able to provide even the smallest of businesses with the tools required to operate like a big business. Whether you prefer to use a physical phone or mobile device or a softphone, Phone.com will be supported.

The service also includes free software upgrades and new features to ensure that you constantly have the most up to date, state of the art resources for running your business. Should you have any trouble with the system, Phone.com has a 24/7, bilingual support team ready to assist you with any problem at any time. With no special hardware to install, however, problems are rare with the easy to operate and adaptable system. With Phone.com you can easily contact customers from anywhere and give them a powerful first impression of your company.

The range of features is unmatched and allows you to customize the experience that your customers and employees have to your liking. Phone.com has emerged as a successful virtual phone system provider in the US that is trusted by businesses to boost their brand image and improve their communications.

#4 CallHippoA woman making a call and using a laptop at a desk with a US virtual phone system provider.

CallHippo offers a range of innovative and high-quality communication options for businesses, including a virtual phone system. CallHippo utilizes the power of AI to create a modern and effective approach to communication for businesses. Their services range from virtual phone systems to call tracking to speech analytics. The virtual phone system in particular makes it extremely easy for any business to call customers or business partners from around the world. CallHippo works by allowing users to buy phone numbers from over 50+ countries and use this to make and receive calls.

From there, you can access detailed caller insights and use these to optimize your business strategies. With both web and mobile apps available, this process can be undertaken from absolutely anywhere. It takes less than 3 minutes to set up CallHippo and start benefitting from the services that the system provides. For any growing organization, this service can have a range of benefits. The system is secure, easy to implement, and provides a comprehensive solution for any of your business endeavors.

The insight on your customers that you can gain from the service is highly valuable for shaping your business and making connections that matter. Don’t let the wideness of the world restrict your company’s reach, CallHippo can provide a simple way to get in touch with any potential customers or partners, no matter where in the world they are.

#5 GrasshopperA woman on a bench with a laptop and phone using a virtual phone system in the US.

Grasshopper is particularly convenient for those wanting to keep their business and personal calls separate, yet don’t want to use multiple devices. Grasshopper allows you to quickly and easily install a business line and virtual phone system into your existing personal phone. This allows you to do business from absolutely everywhere while also being able to find a distinction between your business communications and your private communications. With an affordable price, this service is ideal for small business owners who are looking for an easy way to integrate their business operations into their everyday lives.

A range of toll free numbers are available with Grasshopper and are perfect for making your business appear more professional to customers. You can also opt for a vanity number, a local number or simply use your existing business number with the service. The service requires no extra hardware and is incredibly easy to implement. There is also 24/7 support available via phone, email, Twitter, and Facebook. Grasshopper’s goal is to provide a stress-free and affordable virtual phone solution for small businesses, consistently updating their methods of providing exemplary services.

To get started with Grasshopper, all it takes is 4 easy steps. Simply select your phone number, choose your plan (free trial, monthly, or annual), download the app, and start calling or texting right away. If you miss a call from a client, you can also rely on Grasshopper to send them an automated text. Make a good first impression with your customers, try Grasshopper for fast and easy communication and watch your small business flourish into a trusted and loved company.

ConclusionA woman outside in the grass with a child, phone and laptop talking using a US virtual phone system provider.

Virtual phone system providers can deliver a number of benefits for any business, particularly smaller businesses looking for an easy and affordable way to grow. These 5 providers are some of the top ones in the US due to their wide array of features and the results that they deliver to the companies that use them. If you are planning to upgrade your business’ methods of communication, both internally and externally, and need a way to access customers from anywhere, these virtual phone system providers are great options to consider. Try them today and watch your business operations steadily improve and create a reputation for you as a friendly and efficient company.