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5 Best Vehicle Maintenance Guides Available Online

Many people out there do not know basic vehicle maintenance at all and lack the skills to do very basic repairs or checks that everyone with a car should know. This results in them spending an unnecessary amount of money on a mechanic to do this for them, when they could be doing it themselves and saving money.

Many different guides exist on the Internet, however there are a few dedicated websites for simply this purpose. You will need to find a website that will have all the basics covered, and maybe even a few more advanced guides if you wish to upgrade your skillset.

Here are the 5 best vehicle maintenance guides available online:



YOUCANIC offers over 1000 of guides that will teach the layperson the basics of vehicle maintenance and repairs. Their guides are completely free for their members. The guides are very comprehensive and can be very helpful for many common occurrences that people usually have no idea how to fix with their vehicles. Reading through this guide will ensure that they come prepared for any common occurrence.

Here is an example from YOUCANIC on how to replace an ABS wheel speed sensor on Mitsubishi: https://www.youcanic.com/guide/replace-abs-wheel-speed-sensor-mitsubishi

2. Edmunds


Edmunds has a car maintenance platform on their website.

It works by inputting information about your vehicle, which will then return information on how to maintain it well. This is especially helpful as it can help the entire population with their specific car type, which gives detailed information for that type of car only.

3. Bridgestone Tire

Bridgestone Tire

Bridgestone Tire has a large car maintenance checklist that can tell you what must be checked with your car in order to maintain it. This is usually something a mechanic will charge you for, and you can receive this information for free and do the maintenance check yourself. This will definitely save you money overall, even if some things need to be fixed by a mechanic.

4. Major World

Major World

Major World has a car maintenance schedule available on their website which will tell you everything you need to know about your vehicle and its maintenance. It will tell you how often you need to check your car, and this in combination with other guides will help you become a well-rounded amateur maintenance mechanic.

5. Emanual Online

Emanual Online

Emanual Online has manuals available for a huge range of different categories, one of which is cars. These manuals can teach you a lot, especially about your specific type and model of your car. Being able to tell what to do for your specific car is always helpful.

These are the 5 best vehicle maintenance guides available online.

With these, you will be able to maintain and possibly even repair your certain vehicle, or at least tell a mechanic what is wrong with it specifically.