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Top 3 Best Vacuum Trucks Services in North America

Vacuum trucks have quickly become the top choice of machinery for construction sites that are in need of excavation services. These machines are able to rapidly perform dry suction excavation and streamline the completion of any construction project. They are highly versatile pieces of technology and are also both affordable and environmentally friendly. These companies provide the most state of the art vacuum trucks services in North America, no matter what project you need them for.

Top Rated Best Vacuum Trucks Services:

#1 Gear Equip

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Gear Equip is a Canadian owned company founded in 2014. Their fundamental goal is to bring the most innovative dry suction technology to North America and improve the efficiency of all construction sites. The company started out with only two vacuum trucks, yet quickly expanded to 6 within a year.

From there, they only continued to grow, gaining another 10 trucks in the following year. Now with 16 trucks and a team dedicated to efficient excavation, Gear Equip has become the most trusted vacuum trucks service in North America.

#2 Haaker Underground Equipment

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Haaker Underground Equipment has been one of the top vacuum truck services in North America for over 40 years. As the technology used in the excavation process continues to evolve, Haaker Underground Equipment has evolved along with it.

The company prioritises safety and efficiency above all, ensuring that they exceed customer expectations and get the job done in record time. Their dedication to continuous innovation and holistic solutions is what makes them one of the best vacuum trucks services in North America.

#3 Custom Truck One Source

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Custom Truck One Source offer a range of new, used, and rental trucks for your construction project. Proud to work with a range of different industries, the company is one of the original providers of trucks and equipment in North America.

With multiple locations across the US, they are able to provide the highest quality machinery, including vacuum trucks, to your construction site. The team works hard to find solutions that are efficient yet within your budget, making them another one of the best vacuum trucks services in North America.