5 Best Unfair Dismissal Attorneys in Mesa, AZ

Below is a list of the top and high-rated unfair dismissal attorneys in Mesa, AZ. To help you find the best unfair dismissal attorneys located near you in Mesa, we put together our own list based on this rating points list.

Mesa’s Best Unfair Dismissal Attorneys:

The top-rated unfair dismissal attorneys in Mesa, AZ are:

  • JacksonWhite Attorneys-at-Law – a full-service law firm that caters to individuals and business owners
  • Copper Canyon Law – a client-focused law firm that has a modern take in law practice
  • Udall Shumway PLC– one of the premier law firms in East Valley
  • Rowley, Chapman & Barley – a full-service law firm that caters to employees and employers
  • GilliespieShields – a 33-year old law firm that tackles both employees and employer legal concerns

JacksonWhite Attorneys-at-Law

JacksonWhite Best Unfair Dismissal Attorneys in Mesa, AZ

JacksonWhite Attorneys-at-Law offers a full range of legal services to individuals, families and businesses throughout the state of Arizona. Their wide range of legal practice includes employment law which caters to both employees and employers. It is the largest law firm in Phoenix’s East Valley with 22 highly experienced attorneys and dozens of support staff.

JacksonWhite law office has built a strong reputation for providing responsive, effective, and dedicated services to clients. Their labor and employment lawyers have a thorough understanding of the issues affecting both employers and employees.


Employment law, criminal defense, personal injury, estate planning


Address: 40 N Center St #200, Mesa, AZ 85201
Phone: (480) 464 1111
Website: jacksonwhitelaw.com


“Justin W. Is hands down the best lawyer I’ve ever met. He is very responsive, attentive to details, personable, I had an impossible case and he got all charges dismissed within 5 minutes of being in the courtroom. Please promote that guy! Thank you very much for helping me through this very difficult time.” – Zachary Wallace

Copper Canyon Law

Copper Canyon Best Unfair Dismissal Attorneys in Mesa, AZ

Copper Canyon Law is located in historic downtown Mesa. It is a client-focused law firm that takes a modern approach to the practice of law. Their lawyers create great working relationships with their clients. They use their expertise to provide the best possible results for their clients. Most of their lawyers are Arizona natives and would love to see individuals and businesses in their community thrive.

Their law office deals with employment law, estate planning, real estate and business transactions, litigation, tax or bankruptcy.


Employment law, estate planning, tax, bankruptcy, real estate and business transactions
Address: 43 E 1st Ave, Mesa, AZ 85210
Phone: (480) 833 3838
“Mr. Eagar explains everything, helps you understand what’s needed, then follows through quickly. Just what my elderly mother needed. Kind and professional always. Thank you Copper Canyon Law” – Leslie Risan

Udall Shumway PLC

Udall Shumway Best Unfair Dismissal Attorneys in Mesa, AZ

Udall Shumway PLC is founded in 1965 by two lawyer friends – Dale Shumway and David Udall. With five decades of expertise and experience in their vast practice of law, Udall Shumway is one of East Valley’s premier law firms. As a premier law firm, their attorneys provide a full range of legal services to commercial entities of all sizes ranging from small family businesses to large corporations.

The law firm establishes long-term client relationships and their goal is to always exceed clients’ expectations.


Employment law, administrative law, business and corporate litigation, personal injury defense


Address: 1138 N Alma School Rd Suite 101, Mesa, AZ 85201
Phone: (480) 461 5300
Website: udallshumway.com


“I feel so very lucky to have found this law firm to handle my case in court. Before finding them I called several other law firms and looked through their reviews. After speaking with them I felt extremely confident they could do right by me, and they represented me in court. They took their time to speak with me at length about the case, and helped walk me through every single process throughout the case. The end outcome of my personal injury case far exceeded even my highest hopes and expectations. I would for sure recommend.” – Willa House

Rowley, Chapman & Barley

Premier Unfair Dismissal Attorney in Mesa, AZ

Rowley, Chapman & Barley was established in 1987. It is a fully automated law firm that uses the latest technology to provide the best and fast solutions to clients. For example, their attorneys use online legal research (Lexis-Nexus), as well as other Internet resources. Accordingly, the firm maintains access to current and up-to-date libraries of all Arizona and Federal laws.

RC & B attorneys are committed to providing the highest quality legal services at a reasonable cost while remaining conscious of and responsive to client requirements.


Employment law, personal injury, divorce planning, estate planning, probate law


Address: 63 E Main St Ste 501, Mesa, AZ 85201
Phone: (480) 833 1113
Website: azlegal.com


“I was fighting for custody, Nicole and Jenna were the best. They both made me feel so much better. They always knew exactly what to do in the next problem. It was a very stressful time and they could always put me at ease with their knowledge. So calm and collected in every situation.” – Cassi Smith


Top-rated unfair dismissal attorney in Mesa, AZ

GillespieShields is a 33-year old law firm founded by Atty. DeeAn Gillespie Strub. Since its establishment in 1985, it now has two locations and seven practice areas. Their two locations – Mesa and Phoenix – have the best legal and paralegal team members. One of their seven practice areas includes employment law.

Employment law encompasses a broad range of issues, from discrimination and harassment to cases involving accommodations for individuals with disabilities, retaliation, and wage and hour cases. They primarily represent employees who have been treated unfairly, as well as employers to further the goal of enhancing the quality of the workplace.


Employment, family, criminal, probate, immigration


Address: 1630 S Stapley Dr #212, Mesa, AZ 85204
Phone: (480) 985 4000
Website: gillespieshields.com


“I found Mark Shields through the internet which I thought might be risky but I quickly realized I was working with a fantastic attorney. He believes in trying to solve and settle a case with the minimum burden. Also, he said that justice is a matter of what is right, not how much money he can charge. All through out, he was very pleasant and concise with me and I appreciated it greatly.” -Catherine Carson