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5 Best Unfair Dismissal Attorneys in Charlotte, NC

Below is a list of the top and leading Unfair Dismissal Attorneys in Charlotte, NC. To help you find the best Unfair Dismissal Attorneys located near you in Charlotte, NC, we put together our own list based on this rating points list.

Charlotte, NC’s Best Unfair Dismissal Attorneys:

The top-rated Unfair Dismissal Attorneys in Charlotte, NC are:

  • Gibbons Law Group – employment law, disability law, it’s all we do.
  • Herrmann & Murphy – empowering employees in the Carolinas.
  • Van Kampen Law – equality and justice at work.
  • SeiferFlatow – experienced and aggressive Charlotte attorneys.
  • Harman Law – compassionate client experience, outstanding results.

Gibbons Law Group

5 Best Unfair Dismissal Attorneys in Charlotte, NC

Gibbons Law Group is a law firm that specializes in employment law in Charlotte. They focus on representing employees, not employers because they are stern in their mission to help employees with their rights. Gibbons Law Group has the experience and expertise to effectively help any employee that has issues in regards to workplace concerns. Employment law services such as overtime and unpaid wages, employment discrimination, breach of contract, and more are the bread and butter of this firm. They also provide legal services when it comes to disability law for anyone looking for legal assistance regarding the matter. If you are looking for a reliable legal partner in your employment woes, Gibbons Law Groups is your best bet.

Employment law, disability law

Address: 14045 Ballantyne Corporate Place Ste. 325 Charlotte, NC 28277
Phone: (704) 612-0038
Website: carolinaemploymentlawyer.com

Phil has been working on a case for me for years. He was always responsive, personable, and effective. He always explained in detail what was going on and answered all of my questions. Very professional and highly recommend. – Lauren Wilson

Herrmann & Murphy

The Best Unfair Dismissal Attorneys in Charlotte, NC

Herrmann & Murphy offers high-level employment law services for Charlotte workers and employees. Their attorneys and legal experts provide aggressive representation to clients who are in dire need of legal assistance with their workplace issues. Hermann & Murphy offers the Carolinas legal services such as wrongful discharge, employment discrimination, labor rights, wage theft and violations, and more. The attorneys and legal experts at Herrmann & Murphy have the knowledge and experience to effectively represent a client to dispute any employment problem. If you are in need of a reliable, aggressive, and trustworthy attorney in Charlotte, Herrmann & Murphy is a top-tier pick for your needs.

Wrongful discharge, sexual harassment, employment discrimination, wage theft, and violations, labor rights

Address: 1712 Euclid Ave, Charlotte, NC 28203
Phone: (704) 940-6399
Website: herrmannmurphy.com

If you need an attorney for an employment issue you will not find anyone better than Herrmann & Murphy. My case took a long time but Kevin was there every step of the way. The professionalism, concern, empathy, and understanding I got were amazing. These guys are simply the best at what they do without question. – Annie Edwards

Van Kampen Law

Best Unfair Dismissal Attorneys in Charlotte, NC

Van Kampen Law‘s premier employment law services are among the best in the Carolinas. This law firm is a Super Lawyers top 25 ranked and is rated as one of the top 100 law firms in North Carolina. Van Kampen Law offers employment law services like workplace discrimination, sexual assault, sexual harassment, wrongful termination, whistleblowers, and more. Their attorneys are highly qualified and experienced to get the job done both on and off the courtroom. These employment law experts will go above and beyond for you to make sure you get the outcome that you deserve.

Wrongful termination, sexual harassment, workplace discrimination, false claims act, severance negotiations, whistle-blowers

Address: 315 E Worthington Avenue Charlotte, NC 28203
Phone: (704) 247-3245
Website: ncemploymentattorneys.com

Wonderful experience from start to finish. It always felt like we were a team. Communication from the entire office was prompt, professional, and always very friendly. I highly recommend them! – Bill Mccann


Charlotte, NC Best Unfair Dismissal Attorneys

SeiferFlatow provides aggressive and experienced legal services to Charlotte residents. This law firm works nonstop to help clients get the best possible outcome for their cases. SeiferFlatow has a roster of attorneys and legal experts that effectively practices business law, family law, employment law, and more. These attorneys are highly qualified and highly experienced in these practice fields, meaning you are getting competent representation on your case. They will work tirelessly to make sure everything goes according to plan so that all your employment woes are settled in your favor.

Employment law, business law, criminal defense, estate planning, litigation

Address: 2319 Crescent Avenue Charlotte, NC 28207
Phone: (704) 512-0606
Website: seiferflatowlaw.com

The firm was great and listened to my needs. Took time to go over my options. A response where very fast when email or text. Attorney Ed Martin was great and professional went over everything before we went into court so I would understand what’s going on. – Charles Meeks

Harman Law

Charlotte, NC's Best Unfair Dismissal Attorneys

Harman Law is one of North Carolina’s premier employment and personal injury law firms. The law firm is made up of compassionate and driven attorneys that will work hard to give you the best results. Harman Law offers legal services like employment law, personal injury, and estate planning. Their attorneys work hard so that they can provide clients with effective, efficient, and honest legal assistance. If you are dealing with workplace issues or are injured in an accident, the attorneys at Harman Law are arguably your best bet in having the ruling in your favor.

Employment law, personal injury, estate planning

Address: 6135 Park South Dr. #510 Charlotte, NC 28210
Phone: (704) 885-5550
Website: harmanlawnc.com

Overall had a great experience with Harman Law. Everyone was very professional, all my questions were answered, everything was explained so I could fully understand, and the turnaround was quick. Would definitely recommend. – Sarah Walko