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Uber Copter is here but don’t get too excited yet

Uber has become one of the most popular gig economy platforms in the world because of its ease of use, value, convenience and functionality. Well, it turns out that Uber Copter is about to become a reality here in the US. Now, if you have images in your head of flying cars, unfortunately that’s not what Uber Copter is about. Basically, the ride-sharing company has officially moved into the helicopter service.

From July 9, Uber Copter will begin taking passengers on brief flights from Lower Manhattan to JFK International Airport. It is reported that the flight will cost approximately $200 to $225 per person and be roughly 8 minutes in duration time. Unlike regular Uber, Uber Copter won’t quite have the same flexibility and near-instantaneous response. Instead, users can choose to book their helicopter ride up to five days in advance. They will receive a booking confirmation email, which will essentially act as their boarding pass. The service will run on weekdays and only during rush hour periods.

The downside for keen users is that Uber Copter probably won’t be available in your city any time soon. The Manhattan to JFK Airport route is basically a trial period to determine how successful the entire project could be. At this stage, Uber is planning on developing a shared air transportation branch to add to their services, however, it is likely that it won’t become a more common practice until 2023.