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5 Best Tutors in Denver, CO

Below is a list of the top and high-rated tutors in Denver, CO. To help you find the best tutors located near you in Denver, we put together our own list based on this rating points list.

Denver’s Best Tutors:

The top-rated tutors in Denver, CO are:

  • Varsity Tutors – award-winning tutoring and test prep center
  • Thrive Tutoring – tutorial center for k-12 coursework
  • Wash Park Tutoring – premier tutorial center for grades K-8
  • Mindfish – a tutorial center that specializes on SAT and CAT test prep
  • Mathnasium – a Math-only learning center in Cherry Hills

Varsity Tutors

Varsity Best Tutors in Denver, CO

Varsity Tutors is award-winning tutoring and test prep center located in Denver. They operate by connecting students to one of their top tutors capable of providing an incredible learning experience. They assign a tutor based on each students’ needs. In return, tutor’s present individualized lessons in an easy-to-understand way for the students.

To book a session, just call the center and they will assign a tutor who meets your needs. They conduct live online classes, personalized 1-on-1 online tutoring, and complete learning-at-home solutions.


1-on-1 tutorial classes, live online class, camps, learning solutions


Address: 1350 Josephine St Denver, CO
Phone: (720) 305 6032
Website: varsitytutors.com


“Have had a great experience working with Martin as my Spanish tutor. I wanted to work on Spanish to grow personally and get ready for some upcoming travel to Mexico. Martin has been working with me on common scenarios I might encounter and my Spanish base has grown considerably! Very happy with my experience so far and can’t wait to continue my Spanish education.” – Lauren Briscoe

Thrive Tutoring

Thrive Best Tutors in Denver, CO

Thrive Tutoring provides tutoring for all K-12 coursework. Aside from K12, they also work with AP and college students depending on the subject and availability of tutors. Their tutors assess the needs of each student and decide whether or not to add a supplemental curriculum to help students in the upcoming course or schoolyear.

Sessions may be done in your own home or at a convenient meeting location in the Denver metro area. The frequency and length of sessions are determined based on the students’ goals and needs.

Homeschooling, subject tutoring, academic coaching, test prep
Address: 1649 S Lafayette St, Denver, CO
Phone: (763) 229 9181
“My son has been working with Thrive for 3 years now and they have completely transformed his school experience and really his life! Matt and Jon are so caring and go above and beyond anything you would expect from hiring a tutor. They have done life coaching with my son too and have been an incredible male influence in his life. My son received his best grades ever this last semester of 10th grade and we owe it all to Thrive!” – Steph Hamilton

Wash Park Tutoring

Wash Park Best Tutors in Denver, CO

Wash Park Tutoring is Denver Metro area’s premier tutoring service for K-8 students since 2012. Their team of professionals with years of classroom teaching experience ensure that each student is matched with the right tutor. With this, tutors create a unique approach to help students develop a lifelong love for learning. Before each session, the tutors prepare and design customized lessons and study materials for the students.

Tutorial sessions are done at home and they give weekly updates on parents on each students’ needs.


Math, reading, mathematics, writing, critical thinking, foreign language


Address: 408 Clayton St, Denver, CO
Phone: (303) 818 8243
Website: washparktutoring.com


“We have been with Wash Park for over a year, starting with Algebra 1, and now Geometry (and heading towards Algebra II). Denise is amazing. She has a great way with my daughter, and knows when to listen, when to push and when to encourage. My daughter’s confidence in math has grown significantly – she used to think she wasn’t good at math, and is now in Honors Geometry. We highly recommend Wash Park, and especially Denise!” – Judy Batenburg


Mindfish Best Tutors in Denver, CO

Mindfish was established in 2005 by two graduates of Stanford University. Their goal is to make SAT and CAT accessible and beatable to every student. With this, they have created test prep services to prepare for every SAT and CAT administration. They also offer test prep services to the best private schools in Denver, GMAT, ISEE, SSAT, HSPT, GRE, LSAT, AP Exams, and Academic Tutoring.

Mindfish offers both hybrid group classes and one-on-one instruction to ensure that each student receives individualized instruction.


Academic instruction, study skill tutoring, test prep tutoring, college essay writing, online tutoring


Address: 1633 Fillmore St #412, Denver, CO
Phone: (720) 204 1041
Website: mindfish.com


“My tutor Thomas was very helpful. I was able to improve my ACT scores greatly with his help. Also he is overall a friendly guy who I highly recommend.” -Sam Richardson


Mathnasium Best Tutors in Denver, CO

Mathnasium is a Math-only learning center located in Denver. The center uses a unique technique to teach math and caters to students from grades 2 to 12.  With this technique, they believe that the students will be able to understand better. They have specially-trained Math instructors that teach students in an individual setting.

Mathnasium offers in-center instructions and @Home setting. The @Home setting is a learn-at-home system created by the center to allow expert tutorials from the comfort of your own home.


In-center instruction, home tutoring, Mathnasium method


Address:5052 E Hampden Ave, Denver, CO
Phone: (720) 474 1878
Website: mathnasium.com


“Sierra and team are awesome! My son learned a ton and had fun. The team kept him engage and motivated. He actually looked forward to going to do math! I would totally recommend for anyone who’s child needs a little support in this area.” – Ken Diamond