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5 Best Tutoring Centers in Philadelphia

Whenever you need educational tutoring or a coach for your LSAT, SAT, ACT or College Entrance Exam, this list is for you. Below is a list of the best tutoring centers in Philadelphia. To help you find the right one, we put together our own list based on this rating points list.

Philadelphia’s Best Tutoring Centers:

The best tutoring centers in Philadelphia are:

  • The Tutoring Center – taking pride of the methods created by the founder himself to help students enhance their skills
  • Sylvan Learning of Philadelphia – tutoring services that have adapted the new normal setting due to the pandemic
  • GiftED Philly Tutoring – tutoring with charity, “For every hour we tutor, we donate service to local communities”
  • Kumon Math and Reading Center of Philadelphia – an international tutoring center with multiple locations in the area
  • Teach LLC – their mission is to support the dreams of the student in their own capabilities and strengths

The Tutoring Center

5 Best Tutoring Centers in Philadelphia one

The founder of The Tutoring Center, Edward S. Thalheimer, Ph.D., have developed methods that will help a child skills for their education. Those methods were called “The Rotational Approach to Learning” and One-To-One Instruction. Here, they combine together the methods in their learning environment. They did this to provide your child with long-term skills that will last a lifetime, as claimed by the center. They compared their work versus the one the school gives. In fact, they claimed that the services they give are far better.

They also include SAT/ACT Tests Preparations, and claimed that they are a bit cheaper compared to their competitors. Nonetheless, their services are to match with the elite ones could offer. They will help you reach the college that you and your child dreamed off.


Tutoring Services, Enrichment Programs, SAT/ACT Tests Preparation


Address: 3801 Aramingo Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19137
Phone: (215) 595 2121
Website: philadelphia.tutoringcenter.com


” We are really excited to see our daughters progress moving forward. Very professional and informative. Made us feel confident that this was the place for our daughter to be to strengthen her skills.” – Minely Vazquez

“My son started after days of searching for a tutoring center I felt would meet the needs of my son and I must say first day I walked in nothing but professionalism. Excited! Care and extra saftey measures in place makes me feel wonder!” – Hillary McFadden

Sylvan Learning of Philadelphia

5 Best Tutoring Centers in Philadelphia two

Due to the pandemic, a new normal have emerge, this also includes the schooling of the students. Sylvan Learning of Philadelphia knows that people are adapting to the new normal, thus, they adapted too. They are offering their services for in-person, online and in-home instruction. Any method just to suit whatever is right for your family.

They offer variety of service, of which includes: Personal Tutoring, School Support, Advancement Classes & Camps, College Test (SAT and ACT) Preparation and new to their services, the In-Home Tutoring. Prices are available at their website. In addition, they provide free SAT/ACT Practical Test and free consultation.


Tutoring Services, Enrichment Programs, SAT/ACT Tests Preparation, Advancement Class & Camps, In-Home Tutoring


Address: 6537 E Roosevelt Blvd., Philadelphia, PA 19149
Phone: (215) 543 3940
Website: sylvanlearning.com/us/philadelphia-pa


“I greatly appreciate being able to test at Sylvan. Michael was very kind, and he even shared his space heater with me because I was cold. However, i do think that their computers are rather old, and should be upgraded. The computer that i was testing on, shut down to update while I was testing… Thank God i didn’t loose my work. ” – Carol Kidd

“Love everything about them all the teachers are very nice and helpful 😊. My son is doing so good in school now because of them. I am so proud of him and seeing his growth so awesome.” – Veronica Sofly

GiftED Philly Tutoring

5 Best Tutoring Centers in Philadelphia three

One thing you’ll love about this Tutoring Center is that every hour you spend on their services, a portion of it is going to be donated. Yes, GiftED Philly Tutoring‘s mission: “For every hour we tutor, we donate service to local communities.” They want to combat the inequality in education due to money. In addition, to that they believe that education is the solution to poverty.

Their tutoring services focuses on one-on-one tutoring method for they focus on building relationship, alliance and building trust. They did these because they know that the students need to a connection to its tutor and trust that they can open up their problems with ease to their tutors. Also, they invested on Brain Science & Research due to the fact that learning is about neuroscience. Studying the brain helps us unlock our ways of learning and consciousness. Currently, they only serve tutoring online and are mostly reachable online.


Tutoring Services, Charity Service, Donation & Foundations, One-on-One Tutoring, Online Tutoring, Brain Science & Research


E-mail Address: [email protected]
Phone: (267) 977 8724
Website: giftedphilly.com


“I have been working with GiftEd Tutoring since the beginning of high school. After meeting on a weekly basis with the same tutor I have built a good relationship and a trusted friend who has helped me become a better student in many subjects and really helped me improve my writing abilities. GiftEd tutoring is a major factor towards my academic success and a major reason I obtained a 4.1 GPA and enrolled in my top choice college.” – Magnus Weissenberger

Kumon Math and Reading Center of Philadelphia

5 Best Tutoring Centers in Philadelphia Four

Kumon Math and Reading Center is an international known brand in terms of tutoring. Well known for its methods that focuses on the following: Individualized Instruction, Self-Learning, Small-Step Worksheets and their Kumon Instructors. The first 3 focuses on enhancing the student’s ability and determination, while Kumon Instructors are trained and instructed to look at the student’s progress and coach them whenever necessary to maximize your child or the student’s potential. Take note that they have four locations within the area.


Tutoring Services, Multiple Locations, One-on-One Tutoring, Math & Reading Tutoring


Address 1: 2550 Grant Ave Suite 310, Philadelphia, PA 19114
Phone 1: (215) 613 1002

Address 2: 238 North 22nd Street First Floor, Philadelphia, PA 19103
Phone 2: (215) 564 6284

Address 3: 707 Montgomery Ave, Narberth, PA 19072
Phone 3: (610) 668 2990
Website 3: kumon.com/BALA-CYNWYD-PA

Address 4: 2635 Street Road Store Suite #8, Bensalem, PA 19020
Phone 4: (215) 639 6993
Website 4: kumon.com/BENSALEM-PA


“Kumon of Bensalem is a great learning place. Both my kids go to this center and love the ‘self’ learning style of Kumon. They are well above their normal academic level in terms of thier reading and math learning skills.The center has great incentives and reward programs for kids eager to learn, excel and develop healthy competitive spirit. Thanks to Kumon of Bensalem!” – G. Nal

Teach LLC

5 Best Tutoring Centers in Philadelphia five

Teach LLC offers one-on-one tutoring from kindergarten to college. They focused on 3 main things: Quality, Care and Access. Founder and CEO of Teach LLC, Maria Ferzola Lipiros: ” We believe all students deserve access to an education that supports their dreams.” It has been the mission of the tutorial center to support the dreams of the student in their own capabilities and strengths. They have 3 main programs in their service: Academic Tutoring, Test Prep Tutoring and Teacher Professional Development. They also hold training and consultations.


Tutoring Services, One-on-One Tutoring, Online Tutoring, Training and Consultations


Address: WeWork Northern Liberties building, 1010 N. Hancock Street, Philadelphia, PA 19123
Phone: (215) 923 8322
Website: teacheachstudent.com


“As a high school student, I was in a program called the STEM Scholars at The Franklin Institute that partnered with TEACH. Through the STEM Scholars Program, TEACH helped me to hone and expand my academic abilities through personalized and holistic tutoring in preparation for my ACT. Their dedication to my academic success ultimately equipped me with the training I needed to excel on this standardized exam and enter into my dream college. Even more, my experience with TEACH is one that continues to shape me today as a senior graduating college, as the skillsets that I developed under their instruction still aid me when preparing for exams at the collegiate level. These skillsets are not just invaluable towards my education, but for fulfilling my long term academic goals.”
– Evangeline Adjei-Danquah