3 Most Trusted Review Platforms For Long Distance Moves in The USA

Trusted Review Platforms For Long Distance Moves

The great American Dream dictates that the pursuit of happiness can lead people across the country to realise their deepest desires and hopes. Moving cross-country is tantamount to an American tradition, but we are a long way from the days of riding across the plains with a hired horse and carriage. These days, there are more elegant solutions, moving companies that will do the long haul with your precious belongings and help you get to where you need to go.

The million-dollar question remains however, out of all the companies to choose as assistants on this perilous journey, whom do we choose? Through some initial research, one can easily see the barrage of different moving companies that exist on the web that espouse the finest and most incredible experience you can imagine. It can be a little hard to differentiate on the best of days, let alone find an easy way to compare the services that you may or may not need for the big move.

The following article will break down the top 3 most trusted review platforms for long haul moving companies in the USA. The trust element comes from the determination of how efficient and easy to use these platforms are as well as the overall experience and trustworthiness of the results given.

Top Trusted Review Platforms For Long Distance Moves:

1. Verified Movers

Verified Movers

Undeniably the number 1 spot must go to Verified Movers, the site that started it all in many ways when it comes to comparing and contrasting between the various long-distance moving companies. They have an eclectic and diversified catalogue of movers available to easily compare on the clean and concise website – allowing a more streamlined and personalized experience.

The site itself is run by a team of industry professionals with decades of collective experience in the field, which further illustrates the weight that these recommendations have, they institute a strong anti-fake ads policy and keep a steady eye on the reviews being posted to ensure that they are genuine and of merit for the integrity of the comparisons.

2. Move.Org


We now arrive at the diamond second place winner with Move.Org, a site that has the shimmer and sheen of a usable comparison site, without all the unnecessary ad space clogging up the UI. What they lack in terms of bulked up numbers of sites for comparison, they make up for in resources and accountability for the entire process. Their holistic approach is certainly a breath of fresh air as their resources extend to the nitty gritty aspects of the move from ‘Planning the housewarming’ to ‘Donating old items’ sections of the website.

The clear and concise method in which users are effectively able to compare the important aspects relating to the move is also a massive tick in the ‘Yes’ column for us!

3. MyMove


Rounding out the list is MyMove, a fairly new but very informationally heavy comparison site for those looking to move cross-country in these United States. Their very clean-cut and approachable interface is sure to keep many people satisfied and able to effectively pick and choose the services they’ll be needing in the great move cross-country. The site has its fair share of calculators and efficient resources to ensure that there is no doubt of having the right questions and answers be accessible at any given moment.

Bonus points for them having the linked services that encapsulate the supplementary requirements of moving adequately on display including the legal change of address service, as well as voter registration portals.