Everything You Need to Know About Trade Shows

Trade Show Displays US

Trade shows are exhibitions that aim to show off a certain product or service. Trade shows can range from small events for niche industries, to large events which attract worldwide attention. There are many trade shows in the US which brings people from across the globe, including COMICON, CES, ISC West and many others.

A constant you will find throughout all these types of events is the use of trade show displays. A trade show display is a specialized structure used to help display a certain product in a certain way, with differing aesthetics and design based on the theme of the product/service. These can differ greatly, and designs are often created more lavishly than others to make them stand out.

But where do you find something like this for your own event?

Enter, Trade Show Displays US.

Trade Show Displays US has been in the exhibition industry for over 15 years and are considered an industry leader. Their website offers a wide range of selection when it comes to the dimensions of the booth space, and they have many different designs and options for any budget.

These designs include inline booths, corner exhibits, peninsula and even island booths, of which you can choose from. Additionally, Trade Show Displays US also contains booth designs based on dimension specifications, such as 10×10 (10ft) booths, 10 x 20 (20ft) and 20×20 booths.

Our personal favorites are the backlit booth displays, which utilize light to cast a grand picture/design onto the background of the booth. These backlit exhibit booths really give off an impression that is sure to make your booth stand out in the exhibit!

What’s great about Trade Show Displays US is that they also offer turnkey trade show booth rentals. They understand that a lot of businesses may not have to present at exhibitions very often, and it would likely not make financial sense to purchase.

As such, Trade Show Displays US offers 10×10, 10×20 and 20×20 turnkey booths for rental, which a business can use temporarily to present at an exhibition and include set up break down and shipping.

These rentals offer a wide range of designs, and you will surely be able to find a design that suits you and your business well.

Trade Show Displays US is a notable figure in the industry and leads the way for providing the best possible booths and designs for companies. From booths to the accessories which accompany them, everything you could ever need to set up an eye-catching stall is here.