5 Best and Top-Rated Face Paintings in San Jose 🥇

Below is a list of the top and leading face paintings in San Jose. To help you find the best face paintings located near you in San Jose, we put together our own list based on this rating points list.

San Jose’s Best Face Paintings:

The top-rated face paintings in San Jose are:

  • Face Painting by Poppy – a face painter that is present in almost all of San Jose’s festivals.
  • Beautiful Mynd Creationz Face Painting & Balloons – an entertaining face painter that will surely not leave you bored as you wait for your turn.
  • Alley Cat Face Painting – a friendly face painter that caters mostly to kids.
  • Bayarea Henna and Face Painting and Balloon Twisting – an all-in-one multi-talented artist that offers face painting, henna, and balloon twisting at the same time.
  • Angies Paintbrush Face Painting – a face painter that does extra services of adding sparkles and glitters to give impact to her art.

Face Painting by Poppy

best face painting in san jose

Face Painting by Poppy booth is almost always present in every festival in San Jose. He mainly does face painting for kids but he also welcomes teenagers and adults whenever they try to approach him. Poppy does not only does painting on the face, but he also does body painting as this is the request he usually gets from adults in every festival he attends to. Rest assured that the paints he uses are child-friendly, non-toxic, and very safe especially for kids with sensitive skin. Feel free to check out his blog for his sample works as he updates them from time to time.


Address: 2071 Laurelei Ave, San Jose, CA 95128
Phone: (408) 439 0507
Website: face-painting-by-poppy.business.site


“His face painting is very intricate and beautiful. He also works very fast. I would very recommend!” – Maria Nicole DelosReyes

Beautiful Mynd Creationz Face Painting & Balloons

san jose best face painting

Beautiful Mynd Creationz Face Painting & Balloons offers a package deal of doing both face painting and balloon art at every party they are commissioned to. The artist, who is also the owner, is known to be professional and good with her work and is both fun and entertaining to her clients as she entertains even those still waiting in line to get face painted. She has a wide range of art scope from small to large size paintings that she does perfectly and fast. You can see her passion for her work by how intricate and detailed she does her paintings.


Address: 2516 Golzio Ct #1, San Jose, CA 95133
Phone: (408) 375 5131
Website: N/A


“I’m not one to have my face painted, but she did do some Rose’s and skulls on my arm. I had nothing but compliments from my customers and ask who had done it. I will be using her for all my children’s parties and will definitely recommend her and beautiful mynd creations.” – John Gonzalez

Alley Cat Face Painting

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Alley Cat Face Painting is owned by Michelle whose expertise is face painting for kids. She is always the go-to face painter of the town whenever there is a kids’ party because of her very affordable rate and friendly demeanor that especially pleases the kids she handles. Her promise to give great service and give the kids the most memorable and fun party gave her a perfect 5-star rating on YELP reviews. Do not worry about the paintings she uses because they are all non-toxic especially for kids.


Address: N/A
Phone: (408) 910 9187
Website: alleycatfacepainting.com


“Michelle is an amazing artist! Plus she was a pleasure to work with.” – Adrienne Jackson

Bayarea Henna and Face Painting and Balloon Twisting

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Bayarea Henna and Face Painting and Balloon Twisting is famous for doing body paintings cleanly, intricately, and beautifully done. She is very accommodating too to every request by her clients and charges fees at a very reasonable price without any hidden charges. Her talent is not only limited to henna and face painting, she also does balloon twisting which the kids in the event she is called for loves a lot. She is very welcoming to everyone she encounters that she was able to gain regular customers that would always call her whenever they are in need of an artist like her.


Address: 1761 Widen Ct, San Jose, CA 95132
Phone: (903) 335 6660
Website: bayareahenna.blogspot.com


“She is amazing! I really like the henna design on my hands. See you next time and thank you!” – Abibatu OjoAmoo

Angies Paintbrush Face Painting

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Angies Paintbrush Face Painting has been working with kids for about 3 years and continues to learn new techniques and styles to please them. Aside from paint, she also uses glitter and gems to add impact to her face paint that the little girls love a lot especially those in fairy tale concepts. What is unique about her is that she talks to the kids one-on-one to get what they want and to be able to grant their request perfectly. She is quick in her work yet they are all done well and not rushed.


Address: N/A
Phone: (408) 569 4603
Website: face-painting-fun.com


“I once worked a large corporate event with Angie’s Paintbrush and I was very impressed with her patience with the kids and creativity. She worked fast and still was able to create a beautiful masterpiece on the children. I would super recommend Angie’s Paintbrush for your next event.” – Roxii C