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Top and Best Selling Books on Amazon

Literature comes in all shapes and sizes, ranging from auto-biographies, historical analysis, self-help tips, fantasy fiction, romance and much more. However, some of the more commercially successful books seem to share certain recipes for success (both within their pages and in their making) that explain why they quickly become bestsellers.

Let’s take a quick look at the 5 best selling books on Amazon.

5 Best Selling Books on Amazon

1. How to Plan a Solo Vacation and Feel Safe: Shocking Safety Tips, Secret Trip Styles, and Detailed Sample Itineraries by Nita Adi

book by Nita Adi

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In recent years, travelling solo around the world to different holiday destinations has become more and more popular.

The book ‘How to Plan a Solo Vacation and Feel Safe: Shocking Safety Tips, Secret Trip Styles, and Detailed Sample Itineraries’ by Nita Adi is one of Amazon’s best selling solo travel guides that gives valuable advice on how to safely plan a vacation on your own. Due to the dangers inherent to travelling to certain overseas locations, they can be compounded when you are travelling alone, and you need to be a little bit more prepared in order to avoid common pitfalls that will ruin your vacation.

Having travelled solo to over 30 countries herself, Nita is well-versed in what it takes to travel alone and make it worthwhile. Nits is a travel expert and has helped people book millions of dollars’ worth of holiday packages with plans designed by her.

2. The Everyday Investor: Investment Guide for Dummies, How a £100 can go a Long Way if Invested Right by Yoma James Kukor

The Everyday Investor

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Investing money into organisations and/or projects is always a calculated risk, and this element of risk can prevent a lot of people from profiting from it. This book by Yoma James Kukor seeks to dispel the common excuse “I don’t have enough capital to start investing” and show people how they can earn big from humble beginnings by making a series of smart investments. Over 2000 units of this book have been sold already!

The books aims to show you the basics of investment and how to do it well. This book shows just how far even a small amount of money can go when it is invested correctly.

3. The Voices of Silence by Rishabh Dubey

The Voices of Silence by Rishabh Dubey

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This book by Rishabh Dubey consists of a series of narrations, poems and stories compiled from different authors as they muse on balance inherent to human existence. The book communicates a diverse range of insightful thoughts and opinions from creative minds from a variety of backgrounds and walks of life.

This book really opens your eyes to the many hidden and less publicised worldviews and experiences out there that you don’t see in mainstream media. There are many profound lessons and insights that readers can take away from this book.

4. Six Chickens to Six Figures by Mary Ann Fordyce

Six Chickens to Six Figures

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Mary Ann Fordyce is an author who isn’t afraid to think outside the box and share her views with the world when it comes to wealth generation via a backyard chicken farm. That’s right – this book is basically the ultimate guide to how to make a profitable backyard chicken farm that will supplement your earnings, enhance your retirement, and give you greater income security.

5. Relationship Goals: How to Win at Dating, Marriage, and Sex by Michael Todd

Relationship Goals

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Michael Todd’s book ‘Relationship Goals: How to Win at Dating, Marriage, and Sex’ has been described as both a refreshingly candid and inspiring look at relationships between people in all walks of life. Unpacking his own heartache and relationship pitfalls, Michael takes a Christian perspective towards improving the relationships in your life.