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Tired of hearing your own voice? Alexa can delete that for you

On Wednesday, Amazon officially announced that the new “Alexa Privacy Hub” would be available to users. The new addition to the Echo devices will allow users to ask Alexa to delete questions that the user asks the device. Currently, Amazon records every question that you ask Alexa, meaning you need to open the app on your phone if you want to delete your voice history.

The fact that Amazon can listen in on your conversations with AI is a concern for some users for sure. Moreover, a recent report from Bloomberg revealed that Amazon has thousands of employees around the world who are required to listen to these conversations. According to the report, the purpose of this is to refine the quality of the AI. Basically, they listen to your conversations, collect the data and use the data to improve Alexa’s voice recognition capabilities.

It would make sense why many users would be alarmed that Amazon can listen in, however, users are afforded an option where they can choose to not send voice snippets to Amazon. Although, if users do not manually change this, Amazon will automatically receive the vocal information.

As of Wednesday, users can now say the following phrase “Alexa, delete everything I said today.” The device will wipe itself of all voice conversations recorded that day. In the coming weeks, Amazon hopes that the phrase “Alexa, delete what I just said,” can be used to delete specific portions of voice conversations.