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5 Best Theme Parks in Indianapolis 🥇

Below is a list of the top and leading Theme Parks in Indianapolis. To help you find the best Theme Parks located near you in Indianapolis, we put together our own list based on this rating points list.

Indianapolis’s Best Theme Parks: 

The top rated Theme Parks in Indianapolis are:

  • Sky Zone Trampoline Park – features fun ways to enjoy wall-to-wall aerial action
  • Greatimes Family Fun Park – consists of several outdoor and indoor attractions covering a 5-acre complex
  • Go Ape – offers outdoor adventure with dangling obstacles and zip lines
  • The Waterpark – features fun attractions with state-of-the-art -facilities
  • Zip City Indy – covers a 70,000 square foot area filled with thrilling activities

Sky Zone Trampoline Park 

5 Best Theme Parks in Indianapolis1

Sky Zone Trampoline Park features fun ways to enjoy wall-to-wall aerial action. They created a space to move and create. This allows kids and adults to play together. The park is part of CircuTrix which is the largest company for trampoline and active entertainment parks. Furthermore, they have numerous attractions to try. They offer Parkour Blox which levels up parkour skills by jumping over obstacles. Their Ninja Warrior Course and SkyJoust feature challenges for strength and agility. The Drop Zone practices the skills of flying high and landing softly.

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Address: 4150 Kildeer Dr, Indianapolis, IN 46237
Phone: (317)-759-9925
Website:  skyzone.com/indysouth


”There are very nice and caring there! I took my three sons the other day and give min after getting there by oldest son sprang his ankle. They all we’re so sweet to check on him and make sure he kept ice on it! We live going and spending time there.” –Carmen Dillon

Greatimes Family Fun Park

5 Best Theme Parks in Indianapolis2

Greatimes Family Fun Park consists of several outdoor and indoor attractions covering a 5-acre complex. They offer a multi-level arcade room and several party rooms. Furthermore, their services include hosting kids’ birthdays and group parties. they offer various packages at great deals. The clients may also customize their own party packages. Theirattractiions include Go-Karts, bumper boats, and miniature golf. Moreover, there is a restaurant that serves Italian-style pizza and sandwiches. The venue can gather up to 1,000 people. It is the best to fit for large group gatherings.

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Address: 5341 Elmwood Ave, Indianapolis, IN 46203
Phone: (317)-780-0300
Website:  greatimesfunpark.com


“Bumper boats, go karts, mini golf and arcade games with prizes! This place is awesome and must try the virtual reality game.” – Melanie Smith

Go Ape 

5 Best Theme Parks in Indianapolis3

Go Ape offers outdoor adventure with dangling obstacles and zip lines. They offer courses that ensure entertainment and fun. The thrilling experience makes the activities very memorable. They want to inspire people to I’ve life adventurously. Furthermore, their Treetop Adventure features super long zip lines and swings. The Treetop Journey navigates guests through suspended bridges and obstacles. The guest also enjoys their sightseeing while being suspended. Moreover, there is an ax-throwing where targets are hit with an ax. The Monkey Drop lets the guest experience a jump 40 feet off the ground.

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Address: 5901 Delong Rd, Indianapolis, IN 46254
Phone: (800)-971-8271
Website:   goape.com


”Lot of fun took us a few hours to go through the course. Staff is very helpful and friendly. Lots of fun and they have a few “choose your difficulty” paths. Definitely will be back!” –  Ben Browning

The Waterpark

5 Best Theme Parks in Indianapolis4

The Waterpark features fun attractions with state-of-the-art -facilities. There are lap and activity pools supervised by a lifeguard. Adventure slides add to the fun while smiling in the lap pool. they also ensure that all swimmers are safe. Furthermore, there is a kiddie pool with child-friendly slides. Plunge slides are also available to use. This adds to the thrilling experience of entering the pool. Moreover, a lazy river covers a long distance. People can relax and just let the water bring them wherever. There are also cabanas to relax and eat. It is designed to enjoy the outdoors while being under a shade.

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Address: 1195 Central Park Dr W, Carmel, IN 46032
Phone: (317)-848-7275
Website: carmelclayparks.com/the-waterpark


”I love bringing my toddler here. We utilize the entire play area for both bigger kids and little kids. I am super impressed they take you name and phone number each day for contact tracing. Lines move pretty quick if you find yourself in one. Very friendly and attentive.” – Brittany Alzeer

Zip City Indy 

5 Best Theme Parks in Indianapolis5

Zip City Indy covers a 70,000 square foot area filled with thrilling activities. They offer tons of attractions for the whole family.  There are rope courses, a sky lounge, and a trampoline. It provides challenges and fun entertainment. Moreover, the ropes course has an obstacle course accompanying it. The indoor zip-line can cover at most 250 riders. A laser tag brings people together in running and shooting.. The indoor trampoline park includes basketball courts and a dodgeball court. An indoor soccer field is available for rental. It also hosts league plays.

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Address: 6650 Bluff Rd, Indianapolis, IN 46217
Phone:  (317)-781-1100
Website: zipcityusa.com/indianapolis


”Thank you Zip city for a day of adventure for our high exchange students from all around the World. They all had a blast. Thank you for the extreme fun and adventure through covid. Thank you for keeping the facility safe. Great activity.” – Corey Plunkett