The Top 5 Ways to Make Money Using Social Media for 2023

Ways to Make Money Using Social Media

We all dream of quitting our 9-5 job behind a desk and making money for ourselves on our own time, don’t we? Whether you fantasize about taking your travel Instagram from hobby to job, or launching a YouTube channel to share your expertise while also making an income, these desires are common and maybe not as hard as you think to accomplish.

Those who have found success online — and a hefty income, to boot — swear that they’d never go back to a 40-hour workweek grind, and many encourage others to do the same. Sure, it’s not easy, making content can take up a lot of time, but the feeling of freedom, being your own boss, and being in control of your income are second to none.

Here, we’ve collected the top five ways that you can learn how to make money with social media.

#1 Automate Channels is the brainchild of 22-year-old, seven-figure-earning YouTube wunderkind, Caleb Boxx. He helps both new and seasoned creators learn to automate videos.

Caleb Boxx
Caleb Boxx helps both new and seasoned creators learn to automate videos

Automated videos can raise their income, lower their regular working hours, and serve their audience the content they love. Through his YouTube Automation flagship university, creators join a mentorship mastermind program and get linked up with their own personal coach who will help them build their YouTube channel.

The program has been called a great way of making passive income by Grit Daily, and revolutionary by CEO Magazine. Entrepreneurial Magazine has called Boxx a phenomenon in the YouTube space.

#2 Influencer Marketing Hub, on the other hand, teaches students a variety of ways of making money online in their spare time. They review the latest side hustles, offer tips for improving online money-making, and break down the best and worst of other courses that teach entrepreneurial newbies great paths to online and passive income-making.

Whether you’re interested in becoming a TikTok influencer or an email marketing whiz, they can point you toward the resources to get you started.

#3 Save the Student is a rich online resource designed specifically to help students find ways to make their endless social media scrolling work for them instead of against them and assist in paying for their education and living expenses.

Make Money Using Social Media

By teaching about a variety of online hustles, side gigs, affiliate marketing techniques, and of course, the ins and outs of becoming an online content creator, this site introduces young people to new ways to earn money online that will still allow plenty of time for studying.

#4 Shopstyle is one for the most shopping-savvy of netizens. It teaches those with fashionable followings how to make money via their fashion addiction. Passive income streams such as becoming an affiliate marketer for Amazon, getting involved with sponsored campaigns, and how to negotiate with brand partners are all included in Shopstyle’s teachings.

#5 Courses on Udemy are always a reputable way to learn about nearly any subject online. They are often taught by the shining stars of various industries and can go head-to-head with nearly any Mastermind class out there.

Choose from classes on making money by having a large Instagram following, or launching a career as a social media personality; Udemy can help you learn the basics of a number of ways to make money online.