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The life and career of Annastasia Onyinyechukwuka Oraegbunem

Annastasia Onyinyechukwuka Oraegbunem is a Nigerian-Canadian educational administrator, singer, entrepreneur, and author. She is the founder and CEO of Anydos. An acclaimed, innovative music school and store that provides tailored music lessons and high-quality instruments to its students. She is currently working on her Ph.D. at Liberty University and is hoping to become a university professor one day.

There is no doubt that Annastasia has had a turbulent upbringing. She has had many setbacks throughout her life; however, she has refused to let that stop her career. Her religion, commitment, and passion for music and education have ultimately shaped her career path.

Early education

Annastasia completed her secondary education in 2004. Off the back of hard work and commitment, she got admission to study medicine at two prestigious universities in Nigeria. However, her parents were hesitant because they knew they could not afford to pay the fees, even with scholarship benefits.

In 2006, Annastasia decided to focus on education and enrolled at the college of education closer to her parents’ home. The program allowed her to pursue her education while being able to fulfill her commitments to her family (like caring for her disabled sister).

Anydos and “Super Agnes”

Annastasia Onyinyechukwuka Oraegbunem Anydos and Super Agnes

While getting married, raising a family, and losing both her parents, Annastasia achieved many things. She graduated from university with honors and then started her music school, citing her late father’s passion for music as inspiration. Her music school, Anydos, provides music tuition to over 5000 students, with many students recommending the school because the teaching faculty are friendly, caring, and polite.

During all this, Annastasia has somehow managed to find the time to write a short children’s book called “Super Agnes“. The book follows the adventures of a young girl masquerading as a superhero named Super Agnes, where she helps young children with their problems (like bullying and theft). Followers of the book can expect a sequel soon, so stay tuned.