The Best Pregnancy Tests for Early Detection

Taking a pregnancy test is a big moment. Whether the results are positive or negative, knowing as soon as possible helps you prepare for whatever the future holds–that’s where early detection tests come into play.

But some products are better than others, so we put together a list of the best pregnancy tests for early detection to make your life easy. Let’s go check them out!

MomMed Pregnancy and Ovulation Test Kit

Fast, accurate, and user-friendly, the MomMed Pregnancy and Ovulation Test Kit covers all your bases. Each package includes 20 highly accurate pregnancy tests, 60 ovulation predictors, and 80 urine collection cups.

MomMed pregnancy tests can be relied on five days before your missed period to help give you a head start on motherhood–every day counts, right? For women trying to conceive, the ovulation predictors are a wonderful tool to map out your most fertile days. In a matter of five minutes, you’ll have clear results you can trust.

Clearblue Digital Pregnancy Test

Clearblue’s Digital Pregnancy Test uses a top-of-the-line absorbent tip and flood prevention technology that reduces the chances of error. Women can use the test five days before a missed period with an accuracy rate of about 75% (the test is more than 99% accurate on the day of an expected period).

No need to worry about vague results because your test will vividly show the words Pregnant or Not Pregnant. There’s even a countdown display that lets you know exactly when to expect the results!

First Response Early Result Test

First Response Early Result has long been named one of the most sensitive pregnancy tests on the market. The test can give results six days before a missed before with 76% accuracy. However, its accuracy jumps to 96% when used five days before a missed period and nearly 100% on the day of a missed period.

A 3-count package is available that comes with three easy-to-hold tests, including an early detection test, a digital test, and a rapid test so that you can triple-check the results. Each version should perform with the same excellent accuracy.

Clearblue Rapid Detection Test

Waiting around for your results to come in can feel like a lifetime. Well, you can speed things up with Clearblue’s Rapid Detection Pregnancy Test. In just one minute, you’ll know your pregnancy status by the display of a (+) or (-) sign.

The wide absorbent tip will change colors from white to pink to let you know the test was completed properly. Clearblue added an easily held design and the company’s standard flood prevention technology to reduce invalid results.

Pregmate Pregnancy Test Strips

Pregnancy tests don’t have to be fancy to provide fast, reliable results. Pregmate’s strips do exactly what you need them to do at a fraction of the cost of other options. Packages come in sizes of 25, 30, 50, and 100–one order could truly last you a lifetime.

You can confidently use these strips five days before a missed period, but, just like all pregnancy tests, the accuracy increases the longer you wait (Pregmate has a 99.8 accuracy rate on the day of an expected period).