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How TestGroup Uses Science To Assess Worker Performance

TestGroup Review:

In the days gone by, there were less concise methods of ascertaining employee personality and workplace predictions – then TestGroup came along. A company that has become synonymous with quality and scientifically backed questionnaires and assessments, TestGroup has broken the mold and stands well above competitors with a superior and more intuitive methodology and approach to analysis.

Form humble beginnings back in 2007, the company has strived to remain on the road of continuous betterment – and has succeeded in doing so. With over 250,000 annual participants across 20 language barriers, their tailored and intuitive online assessments have garnered a fantastic reputation among recruiters and companies around the world.

As far as we’re concerned, there are many companies out there that offer similar tests and services. However, TestGroup differentiates themselves by rooting their devised testing structures in scientific methodology, psychological expertise, and rigorous testing formulas that allow them to hone and provide truly innovative assessment solutions.

What Makes TestGroup So Different?

In the realm of psychometric testing – TestGroup are without a doubt the top of the food chain in terms of scope and reliability. As the premier publisher of online personality tests, ability tests and general online assessments their strength resides in their cutting-edge techniques and continued focus on scientific development.

TestGroup collaborates with leading universities in the Netherlands and abroad to develop and field test all their online assessments to ensure that a streamlined and truly interactive and accurate result can be ascertained.

As we’ve mentioned already, the tools offered by TestGroup are available in over 20 languages and are utilized around the world in recruitment and general employee assessment purposes in a wide array of organizations. The reason so many different industries and languages are able to utilize the TestGroup platform so succinctly is in the bespoke nature and professional approach the company is renowned for.

Unlike competitors who employ a one-size-fits-all approach to their testing methods and approaches, TestGroup offers professional support and offer to tailor and adjust testing parameters to fit particular archetypes and industries and still maintain the same level of excellence they’re famous for. In fact, the TestGroup assessments have been featured in a number of scientific journals around the world.

Testing The Tests

One of the defining factors of the TestGroup assessments is in the continued analysis throughout the developmental stages. They achieve this by employing a number of metrics and measures to ensure validity and reliability – from the Cronbach’s Alpha to the split-half reliability factors.

Reliability in the results is vital for maintaining leadership in the field, this is also why quality standards are employed from a number of reputable organizations from the NIP (Netherlands Institute for Psychologists) to the APA (American Psychological Association).

TestGroup have shown that they are not going anywhere anytime soon, and for some very compelling reasons. As more understanding is derived about the value of assessments in the workforce, the more that companies like TestGroup will thrive and evolve.