5 Best Sports Massages in Memphis, TN

Best Sports Massages in Memphis

Below is a list of the top and leading Sports Massages in Memphis, Tennessee. To help you find the best Sports Massage located near you in Memphis, we put together our list based on this rating points list.

Memphis’s Best Sports Massages:

The top-rated Sports Massages in Memphis, TN are:

  • Body Mechanix, LLC – Relax and repair! LLC can do it all.
  • The Healing Point Massage – Services centered on peace, massage, and posture.
  • A Great Massage – Quality massages at an affordable rate.
  • Massage Memphis – Professional care at your convenience.
  • The Lindsey Group Massage Therapy – A serene and relaxing experience.

Body Mechanix, LLC

Body Mechanix LLC Sports Massage Memphis

Body Mechanix, LLC services a deep-tissue sports massage perfect for athletes. Moreover, you can upgrade your massage experience by choosing a pre-set package. These come with perks like scalp massage, peppermint pedicure, and cleansing face mask. Furthermore, they offer personal training and therapeutic sessions. Clients are advised to book an appointment beforehand to secure your slot with your therapist of choice.


Massages, Cupping, Foot Care, Exfoliation, Aromatherapy


Address: 3486 Poplar Ave Ste 101 Memphis, TN 38111
Number: (901) 323-1220
Website: bodymxllc.com


“Rick Owings is the best and most professional massage therapist I have experienced in 30 years of massage therapy. His knowledgeable and talented hands make him a true artist in the massage field.  I recommend him to anyone who wants the very best!” – B.D. (Retail Manager)

The Healing Point Massage

Healing Point Massage Memphis

The Healing Point Massage aims to provide lasting relief for clients. Firstly, you can customize your session to address sports-related muscle pain and strain. Next, you can avail of their other services such as Myofascial Therapy to correct posture imbalance and private Pilates sessions tailored to your needs.

Moreover, each service has a designated professional so you don’t have to worry about choosing your therapist. In fact, you’ll see the therapist assigned to you as soon as you book your appointment on their website. Lastly, they sell products for wellness, cleansing, relaxation, and pain relief.


Massages, Myofascial Therapy, Pilates


Address: 1034 S. Cooper, Memphis, TN 38104
Number: (901) 275-8644
Website: healingpointmassage.com


“I went into The Healing Point Massage expecting much of the same but Bobbi figured out exactly what my problem was within 10 minutes of talking to me!  In an hour and a half she healed me more than I ever thought possible.  I’m convinced that she’s a wizard.” – Shaheem Rohani

A Great Massage

Great Massage Sports Massage Memphis

A Great Massage promises excellent services at a friendly price. Their Sports Massage will absolutely condition your muscles to perform at maximum efficiency. In contrast, it minimizes the risk of pain or injury. It is highly recommended to increase endurance, flexibility, and power.

Moreover, they are open seven days a week at four different locations in Memphis. You may book your appointment via phone or through their website. However, if you book online, you can immediately customize your massage length and identify the problem areas you’d want your therapist to focus on.


Massages, Reflexology, Hot Stone Therapy, Aromatherapy


Address: 1800 Union Ave Memphis, TN 38104
Number: (901) 463- 6372
Website: agreatmassagetn.com


“I found “a great massage” on poplar and started going. When I say it’s literally the BEST massage I have ever had in my entire life (and I’ve had too many to count over the years due to my numerous issues); I am NOT exaggerating.” – Amy S.

Massage Memphis

Sports Massage Memphis

Massage Memphis is ran by a licensed massage therapist with expertise in sports massages. With his service, you can expect enhanced performance and faster injury recovery rates. Additionally, you will enjoy reduced pain and swelling in the body.

To book an appointment, you can request a session via his website. Then, the therapist will contact you regarding your schedule. He is available seven days a week, with special Sunday afternoon sessions for your convenience.


Massages, TMJ Syndrome Therapy


Address: 3485 Poplar Avenue, Suite 220, Memphis, TN 38111
Number (901) 262-4968
Website: massagemphs.com


“Great massage, the stretches helped me recover from my last race in record time.” F. D., consultant

“I had no idea that massage could be so beneficial to someone my age….my flexibility is much better.” G. H., retiree

The Lindsey Group Massage Therapy

Lindsey Group Sports Massage Memphis

The Lindsey Group Massage Therapy offers professional therapeutic massages, reflexology, and skin care. They have a sports massage package that focuses on the muscles which are heavily used during sports events. It may be used for a pre-event warm-up routine, post-event pain relief, or injury rehabilitation.

Their therapists will ask for your medical conditions because they want to ensure your safety and comfort. Furthermore, you can choose to play your own music during your session. You may book an appointment via their website. Keep in mind that payment is required for first-time guests.


Massages, TMJ Syndrome Therapy


Address: 8588 Cordes Cir Germantown, TN 38139
Number: (901) 428-0197
Website: lindseygroup.massagetherapy.com


“Lovely facility. Valerie Lindsey has been so dedicated and making sure that I have the best experience using their infrared sauna package.  She’s been very understanding and patient. A hidden treasure.” – Travelodge M.