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5 Best Sports Massage in Columbus 🥇

Below is a list of the top and leading Sports Massage in Columbus. To help you find the best Sports Massage located near you in Columbus, we put together our own list based on this rating points list.

Columbus’s Best Sports Massage: 

The top rated Sports Massage in Columbus are:

  • Bruce Weeden Massage and Bodywork – feature various modalities of massage to the clients’ specific needs
  • Urban Village Massage – offers therapeutic massage services to clients
  • Massage-Escape Columbus – provides relief from pain and stress through massage
  • Body Ache Escape Massage Center – offers a full hour of therapeutic massage by amazing therapists
  • Sean’s Massage Center are excellent in providing massage services for their clients

Bruce Weeden Massage and Bodywork

5 Best Sports Massage in Columbus1

Bruce Weeden Massage and Bodywork feature various modalities of massage to the clients’ specific needs. they provide personalized treatments. The therapist also educates the patient. Furthermore, they work and collaborate with the patient for faster treatment. They make results-based massage available for all. Moreover, their therapeutic massage session provides muscle relied on. It is designed to remove severe tensions. The massage also improves mobility and stability. In addition, the injuries under the surface are healed. Some of the special offers they have also include a series of massage sessions.

Products/ Services:

sports massage, massage, bodywork


Address: 193 E Whittier St, Columbus, OH 43206
Phone: (614)-429-9893
Website:   massagebook.com/Columbus~Massage~BruceWeedenMassageAndBodywork


”I had many massage therapy’s in my life in different styles, personally my preference is deep tissue massage and Bruce did it THE best! He’s professional , he gives decent price and I definitely recommend about him!” – Nofar Efrat

Urban Village Massage

5 Best Sports Massage in Columbus2

Urban Village Massage offers therapeutic massage services to clients. They customize their massage to meet the needs of the clients. Furthermore, they provide relaxing services as pain is relieved. They have the finest products in their inventory. This is used to deliver high-quality massage services. Their massage is for all ages and body types. Moreover, their services allow clients to unwind and escape the busy life. They provide relief pf pain and tension all over the body. Through integrating various techniques, they maximize the results of their massage.

Products/ Services:

sports massage


Address: 303 E Livingston Ave, Columbus, OH 43215
Phone: (614)-489-9199
Website: urbanvillagemassage.com/home


“Ryan helped me with back issues I’ve been having for 3 months, and his two massages helped me significantly, it’s night and day before and after. Highly recommend Ryan to anyone looking for actual therapy from chronic/acute muscle pain/tightness.” – Andy Akins

Massage-Escape Columbus 

5 Best Sports Massage in Columbus3

Massage-Escape Columbus provides relief from pain and stress through massage. They offer numerous types of massage. It is delivered by expert therapists. Furthermore, they offer sports, Swedish, and foot massage. Their sports massage relieves athletes and non-athletes from injuries and pain. It also develops their mobility and flexibility. The Swedish massage helps in blood circulation and pampers their clients. They allow them to feel relaxed. Moreover, they offer therapeutic foot massage for ankle injuries and plantar fasciitis. They also incorporate Swedish massage with sports massage. In addition, they have back walk services. They apply the shiatsu technique to provide less stressful methods.

Products/ Services:

sports massage, back walk, Swedish massage, foot massage


Address: 5949 E Main St, Columbus, OH 43213
Phone: (614)-868-3336
Website: massage-escape.net


”I got a 90 minute massage today and it was GLORIOUS. Honestly the best massage I’ve ever had. Great location, great price, great facility, great staff! I also never have cash and was so please they were able to accommodate so I could tip with my card. 100% would recommend!!” – Leah Rizek

Body Ache Escape Massage Center 

5 Best Sports Massage in Columbus4

Body Ache Escape Massage Center offers a full hour of therapeutic massage by amazing therapists. It is a locally-owned massage center. They help transform the lives of their clients. Their massage services improve their wellness and health. Furthermore, their services include massage of different durations. Their prices vary by modality and therapist level. They also use quality products for massage. The therapists use techniques like myofascial release, deep tissue, and trigger point. They also offer hot stone massage to relieve back pain and fibromyalgia. In addition, they have reflexology to work on reflex points. This alleviates pain and stress.

Products/ Services:

sports massage, reflexology, massage


Address: 1501 Stonecreek Drive S, Ste 101, Pickerington, OH 43147
Phone: (614)-604-6358
Website: bodyacheescape.com


“I just came here for my first ever massage and it was amazing! I was a bit nervous, but Aubrey was so sweet and really made me feel comfortable. Everything was wonderful from start to finish. I cannot wait for my next appointment!” – Faith Poole

Sean’s Massage Center 

5 Best Sports Massage in Columbus5

Sean’s Massage Center are excellent in providing massage services for their clients. They provide a comfortable environment. Their massage therapists use Aveda oil for all services. There is soothing music that builds relaxation and healing. Furthermore, they offer various specialties including full-body, couples, and heated stone massages. They also offer reflexology by expert therapists. Moreover, they provide sports therapy to professional and amateur athletes. Their services help prevents injuries and heals strained muscles. It also restores athletes to their optimum state. The brisk massage repairs the damage on various muscles.

Products/ Services:

massage, sports massage, acupuncture, cupping


Address: Sean’s Massage Center, 4612 Sawmill Rd, Columbus, OH 43220
Phone:  (614)-327-4338
Website:  seansmassagecenter.com


”Had a 30 minute head and neck massage with Jill that was AMAZING. I’ve dealt with chronic neck and TMJ issues for years so had my share of massage therapists. She knew what she was doing and went straight to the muscles’origins and insertions and half an hour later I was pain free and breathing better. Will definitely go back.” – Siema Eljack