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5 Best Software Retailers in Dallas 🥇

Below is a list of the top and leading Software Retailers in Dallas. To help you find the best Software Retailers located near you in Dallas, we put together our own list based on this rating points list.

Dallas’s Best Software Retailers: 

The top rated Software Retailers in Dallas are:

  • Micro Center – offers a wide selection of computer products at low prices
  • Next International, Inc. – provides computer hardware, software, and accessories for various brands.
  • ThoughtWorks Dallas – bridges strategy and execution to maximize business engagements and economy
  • Garland Computers – has an extensive list of computer products from hardware to software
  • Intelegain Technologies – offers software support for various technological purposes

Micro Center 

5 Best Software Retailers in Dallas1

Micro Center offers a wide selection of computer products at low prices. The shop opened its doors to the public in 1994. They have the largest collection of computer products and software. Furthermore, they display computer parts for personal computer building. Their inventory contains more than 25,000 products t choose from. They have great customer service. Their sales representative provide guidance and honest recommendations to their customers. Moreover, they are knowledgeable of their in-stock products. They ask customers for the needed parts and [provides it quickly.

Products/ Services:

software retailers, computer parts, computer accessories, Apple products


Address: 13929 N Central Expy, Dallas, TX 75243
Phone: (972)-664-8500
Website: microcenter.com/site/stores/dallas.aspx?storeid=131


”It’s been a while since I had visited this store. They are one of the few retail stores that has a full line of computer parts. I was promptly helped with friendly service and said what I needed and the associate found it for me. Great service! Prices are now more competitive than they were previously. Really great experience!” – Chrissy Sperry

Next International, Inc.

5 Best Software Retailers in Dallas2

Next International, Inc. provides computer hardware, software, and accessories for various brands. They carry various brands in their inventory. This includes Seagate, Supermicro, and Hitachi. They have various products helpful for inbuilding personal computers and other electrical materials. Moreover, their inventory includes controllers, motherboards, and processors. They also sell LCD TVs, notebooks, and tablets. The shop has the latest versions of memory and video cards. Furthermore, they carry various packages for software. They have  Microsoft Window installers for various purposes. The staff provides comprehensive information about their products upon purchase.

Products/ Services:

software retailer, computer parts


Address: 13725 Gamma Rd, Dallas, TX 75244
Phone:  (972)-481-1113
Website: neqx.com


”They are very professional and easy to work with. Would recommend Next International to anyone who is looking for high-quality SuperMicro servers. Ask for Tek!!” – Matt and Tabitha Palmer

ThoughtWorks Dallas

5 Best Software Retailers in Dallas3

ThoughtWorks Dallas bridges strategy and execution to maximize business engagements and economy. They p[artner with various clients across different industries. The company works to create solutions for complex problems in technology. Furthermore, they help clients experience seamless digital experiences. The company makes sure that they are on par with technological advancements constantly. They deliver software that is easy to adapt to fast changes. Moreover, their professionals are experts in building solutions based on data and engineering. They also create designs that produce a positive change in the company.

Products/ Services:

software retailers, software consultancy


Address: 1920 McKinney Ave 7th floor, Dallas, TX 75201
Phone: (972)-744-6200
Website: thoughtworks.com


”Company with a culture where everyone is empowered to have a voice and use that voice to positively change society. Travel all around the world – work with smart, passionate, and empathetic people. Almost no management – flat organizational structure. A very transparent and honest culture.” – Raybeer Rathore

Garland Computers 

5 Best Software Retailers in Dallas4

Garland Computers has an extensive list of computer products from hardware to software. Their inventory includes computer accessories, computer parts, and laptop parts. They also display servers, laptops, and cell phones. Furthermore, they carry various brands in their inventory. They also showcase different printers, projectors, and speakers. They have in-store and on-site technical services for the convenience of their customers. Their technicians are licensed to install and repair computer products. Moreover, they have expert IT personnel that can easily install software on various computers and laptops.

Products/ Services:

software retailers, computer products, printers, scanner, speaker, laptop, phones


Address: 2905 Miller Park N, Garland, TX 75042
Phone: (972)-485-4483
Website:  garlandcomputers.com


”Garland Computers helped me out by building a great server. Thanks to them, I now have the computing power I need for my disease modeling simulations. They answered many questions I had to my satisfaction and gave me a very strong machine in a great price. Moreover, they went beyond and one of their technicians instructed me on some new features the machine had.” – Jacob Barhak

Intelegain Technologies 

5 Best Software Retailers in Dallas5

Intelegain Technologies offers software support for various technological purposes. They cater to clients who need help in building software products. The company has serves numerous satisfied individuals and businesses. Furthermore, their services include project discovery, development, and maintenance of created software. They also have remote teams that can be reached anytime. Their staff composes of expert professionals from the IT industry. They are talented graphic artists and programmers with years of experience. Moreover, they create apps to help start-ups boost their engagements. They also have digital marketing services for different brands.

Products/ Services:

software retailers, digital marketing, user experience, app development, remote teams


Address: 3010 Lyndon B Johnson Fwy Fl 1200, Dallas, TX 75234
Phone:  (214)-233-0880
Website: intelegain.com


“Acting as our development partner, Intelegain helped build iPhone app- the team was involved in all steps of the development process right from the design to project management, delivery and release process management. They provided accurate projections, estimates and stayed true to original budget and time line despite some change in requests.” – Daniel Miller