Sending Large Files is Now a Breeze Thanks to Filemail


If your job requires you to send large files to people digitally, you will be aware of just how frustrating this task can be. While simply emailing files is usually the easiest option for most parties, many email servers have a limit to the size of file that can be sent. Often, this limit is quite low and makes sending anything larger than about 10-20MB an impossible task. Fortunately, services such as Filemail have been developed to provide a convenient and easy way for you to send your large files.

Filemail provides an affordable and effective way for you to send files of up to 5GB, 250GB, and more. In 2008, two Norwegian friends set out to create a solution to the problem of sending large files over email. Since then, Filemail has developed into a highly popular platform for corporations and individuals alike. Some of the key features of the platform include end-to-end encryption and secure transfers, tracking of your shared files, faster transfer rates, customization and branding, and much more. All of these features can be yours with Filemail. It can even be easily integrated on your website so that customers can send you larger files with the click of a button.

With a variety of affordable plans available, you can choose the Filemail solution that is best for you. With the free plan you can transfer up to 5GB, with the $12/month plan you can transfer up to 250GB, with the $18/month plan you can transfer files of an unlimited size, and with the $48/month plan you can also transfer unlimited size files with additional benefits. Simply select your plan or talk to the friendly Filemail team and they will take care of everything and ensure that your business is able to operate smoothly using their services.

Challenges sending large files are a thing of the past thanks to Filemail. This innovative company continues to optimize and provide the best solutions possible for clients who need to securely and quickly send large files back and forth on a regular basis.