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Seacoast Press is a Publisher That Gives Power Back to The Authors

Books have been, and continue to be, a fantastic resource that entertains and informs readers of all different ages and backgrounds. While anyone can write a book, actually getting it onto bookshelves and in front of paying customers is not something that everyone can do with ease.

The giants of the publishing industry have often been criticized for corporatizing the process to the extent that authors need to conform their work to meet the lofty standard that is thought to be required for commercial success. Luckily, there are established publishers out there who are doing things in a refreshingly different way, and one of them is New Hampshire’s Seacoast Press.

Founded and owned by four-time Amazon Best Seller J.J. Hebert, Seacoast Press stands out against traditional publishing firms. How? It gives authors 100% of royalties and allows them to maintain all publishing rights to their work, as well as maintain full control over the design and content of the book being published.

Seacoast Press is all about helping authors get their books out there, not parasitically trying to alter the work and turn it into an uninspired commercial product. This is not to say that Seacoast Press is unable to make an author’s work profitable – they simply rely on the quality of the work to stand on its own merits, without needless meddling and artistic compromise.

When you combine this irregular but welcome business model with expert editing, production, and marketing services, you get a publisher that’s incredibly friendly to novice and veteran authors alike. Seacoast Press is undoubtedly well worth having a discussion with if you want to publish your book but avoid the negative aspects of the traditional industry work-model.