5 Best Schools in San Jose, CA 🥇

Best Schools in San Jose, CA

Below is a list of the top and leading Schools in San Jose, CA. To help you find the best Schools located near you in San Jose, CA, we put together our own list based on this rating points list.

San Jose, CA’s Best Schools:

The top-rated Schools in San Jose, CA are:

  • The Harker School – has earned international recognition for its top education
  • Steindorf K-8 STEAM School – allows students to achieve in various ways, meeting their social and academic goals
  • Challenger School – giving inspiration to children since 1963
  • St. Patrick School – a Catholic school, inspired by the Vincentian spirit
  • Starbright School – a unique school for learning and happiness

The Harker School

Harker School in San Jose

Since 1893, Harker School is serving their parents and children top education. With more than a century of academic journey, they garnered the international recognition they deserve. Having quality academics, committed teachers, and student achievements, the school guarantees you an excellent educational experience for your child. Their vast and outstanding campus with various facilities where the stakeholders can utilize and enjoy is noteworthy for your child’s education experience. Furthermore, this school helps its students the best they can be, inspiring and molding them in helping the world a better place.


K-12, Coeducation, Leaning-edge technology, Remote Learning


Address: 500 Saratoga Ave, San Jose, CA 95129

Phone: (408) 249 2510

Website: harker.org


“A great school with many opportunities for the students to experience” – Hong Ma

Steindorf K-8 STEAM School

Steindorf School in San Jose

Steindorf offers a high standard education for their students, helping them achieve and support their success. They ensure a comfortable, safe learning environment for the students to maximize their learning experience. This way, it allows them to grow and achieve their student’s social and academic goals. Within their school community, collaboration is evident and promoted. Working together, the staff, teachers, parents, students, and the adjacent community are hand in hand to realize the school’s vision. With Steindorf, your child cultivates their innovative collaboration, communication, creativity, and critical thinking skills.


Education, Project-Based Learning, and After School Care


Address: 3001 Ross Ave, San Jose, CA 95124

Phone: (408) 377 3022

Website: cambriansd.org


“Awesome school! The teachers there are all very nice and professionally trained. The PBL(Project Based Learning) is very exciting and fun. Also, The interior and exterior of the school are beautiful. Go Steindorf Stampede!!!” – Ilan A.

Challenger School

Challenger School in San Jose

In Challenger School, you discover their difference. They prepare, teach, lead, and inspire their students to become better people in their community. They help the students develop social traits to prepare them for life, not only inside the classroom but also outside the school walls. Furthermore, their curriculum for each level is aligned with their principles, ensuring the values are taught and reinforced to the students by their teachers and peers. With their consistency and school philosophy, they hope to provide a good foundation for your child. Start early and start right with Challenger School!


Education, Extended Classes, and Summer Program


Address: 500 Shawnee Ln, San Jose, CA 95123

Phone: (408) 365 9298

Website: challengerschool.com


“My daughter is having a perfect time on Challenger-Shawnee campus. She barely talked any English when we sent her here. But now she can even read by herself. The teachers are so passionate. We are very glad of our choice.” – Layla Wang

St. Patrick School

Saint Patrick School in San Jose

Saint Patrick School is a Catholic school that promotes diversity and nurtures their students with a strong academic, spiritual, and moral foundation. Highlighting their partnership with their families, they strive to transforming students into life-long learners and cultivating compassionate and effective leaders. Furthermore, they inspire their students to be of service to their selves and others. Established in 1925, they have a long and strong holistic journey to share with their school community, especially to their students. Enroll your child now for a holistic academic experience with Saint Patrick School!


Education, Faith and Discipleship, Sports and Enrichment, and After School Care


Address: 51 N 9th St, San Jose, CA 95112

Phone: (408) 283 5858

Website: stpatrickschool.org


“Our kids are thriving and love it at St. Pat’s!” – Wendy Brennan

Starbright School

Starbright School in San Jose

Starbright School is one of the top schools in San Jose that offers a balanced curriculum for their students. Their curriculum is designed to help each of their students reach the appropriate milestones. Founded in 1992, this unique school is an amazing environment for your child to learn and grow with the school community. Moreover, the school is equipped with quality amenities, driven teachers, providing a balanced learning campus for your child. With their various daily activities and incredible enrichment programs, your child is in good hands.


Education, Preschool Program, and Kindergarten Program


Address: 4645 Albany Dr, San Jose, CA 95129

Phone: (408) 985 1460

Website: starbright.com


“Fantastic school with a very personal touch and extremely highly skilled, professional, and knowledgeable teachers. My child had a blast there through her preschool years, and now she’s moved on to the first grade they have recently opened. Highly recommended.” – Leonid D.