5 Best Scaffolders in San Diego 🥇

Best Scaffolders in San Diego

Below is a list of the top and leading Scaffolders in San Diego. To help you find the best Scaffolders located near you in San Diego, we put together our own list based on this rating points list.

San Diego’s Best Scaffolders:

The top-rated Scaffolders in San Diego are:

  • American Scaffold – provides quality scaffold and containment solutions
  • San Diego Scaffold – quality services for all your scaffolding needs from residential to commercial scaffold
  • Clairemont Equipment Rental– providers of high quality construction equipment including scaffoldings 
  • Performance Contracting Inc. – offers a variety of world-class construction services 
  • Jobsite Supply Co. – leads in providing exceptional scaffolding products and other engineering equipment rentals.

American Scaffold

San Diego's Best Scaffolders


American Scaffold is your go-to company when it comes to quality scaffolding and containment systems that tackle various maritime, industrial, commercial, and residential projects. They take pride in their end-to-end services which cater to the needs of various clientele all around the globe.

American Scaffold has been responsible for different maritime projects in the U.S Navy such as building warships and aircraft carriers. They also handle projects in different land-based structures such as homes, hotels, condominiums, schools, public facilities, power, and industrial plants. 

Address: PO Box 13835 San Diego, CA 92170
Phone:(619) 231-4898
Website: https://www.americanscaffold.com/


“We needed scaffold yesterday! We reached out to American Scaffold and were once again extremely satisfied with the quality, service, and price of the work provided. The attention to detail and quick response time helped us to keep our client’s plant running without interruption. I’d feel confident in recommending American Scaffold for any project large or small.”– Brian Schupbach, National Project Director, Interstate Restoration, Plum Creek MDF Plant

San Diego Scaffold

 Best Scaffolder Provider in the Strip of San Diego

San Diego Scaffold has been in business since 1954. Aside from accommodating your scaffolding needs, this company is also responsible for managing the entirety of the project. They are known to collaborate with different professionals ranging from engineers, architects, and other specialized tradespeople.  

From the designing process up to the construction and delivery, this company is very hands-on. They take pride in their products and services such as frame scaffolds, plate scaffolds, system scaffolds, and other containments. San Diego Scaffold ensures safety and they possess a Scaffold Contractor’s license with a workman’s comp mod of .89.

Address: 3366 1/2 National Avenue San Diego, CA 92113
Phone:(619) 232-7607
Website: http://sandiegoscaffold.com/


” I absolutely loved this company! I am extremely satisfied with the quality of their products and their service. They take into consideration the suggestion of the consumer and their attention up to the smallest detail is spot on! They use high caliber materials so that customers can feel the safest” – Stephen T.

Clairemont Equipment Rental

San Diego's Best Construction Equipment Provider

When Clairemont Equipment Rental decided to open its doors in 1970, it was just only supplying party, medical, and small homeowners equipment. After 4 years, who would have thought that the Zagami family, who owns this company would be one of the leading construction and general equipment lenders in the industry. 

Clairemont Equipment Rental has been setting a new standard when it comes to construction equipment. Different products which range from heavy equipment such as bulldozers and tractors up to the  frame of construction which are scaffoldings, the Zagami family and its employees ensures that they provide excellent service through quality equipment, accessible facility location, and other services. 

Address: 4726 Convoy Street San Diego, CA 92111
Phone:(858) 278-8338
Website: https://www.clairemontequipment.com/


“This place is awesome, great price, great customer service. Christian really took care of us when we need help installing our carpets. We went to Home Depot first and the guys were not that knowledgeable at all, didn’t have everything we needed and were really uninterested in helping us, it was Memorial Day weekend but seriously we just needed help. Christian answer the phone was super polite, very helpful, he had everything in stock and made some very helpful suggestions, which came in handy when we were installing our carpets. We will definitely be back to rent more equipment in the future”– Alexis Gonen

Performance Contracting Inc. 

The Best Contractor in San Diego

Performance Contracting Inc. is the company that you should choose if you want top-notch construction projects. Consistently being renowned as one of the Top 10 Specialty Contractors in the U.S, the company prides itself in different specializations in the construction industry such as scaffolding, containment, and other engineering-related works.
The 950 salaried employees and 6,300 skilled workers go beyond the extra mile to ensure the quality, stability, and safety that is Performance Contracting Inc.

Address: 4863 Shawline Dr, Unit A San Diego, CA 92111
Website: https://www.performancecontracting.com/


“Best place ever when it comes to high caliber engineering works. The staff also are very accommodating since they cater and assist the consumers with all of their needs. I was able to use high quality scaffoldings for my project. I am not worried with the quality and safety since the staff always provides with the best equipment for the job” – Sabrina Z.

Jobsite Supply Co.

Quality Scaffolding and Construction Equipment in the strip

Jobsite Supply Co. has been the frontrunner in different construction supplies. Engineering equipment and rentals such as containments and scaffoldings no matter how big or small the project is will be considered and expedited with great importance. This company is dedicated to providing its consumers with stellar service that is second to none.

Since 1987, Jobsite Supply Co. has superior experience providing construction-related products primarily for commercial projects to the Greater San Diego area. With knowledgeable and accommodating staff, dependable onsite delivery, large storage, and expansive inventory, this surely is the company to consider for your scaffolding needs.

Address: 4720 Mission Gorge Pl. San Diego, CA 92120
Phone:(619) 295 – 6100


“Always have alot of what you need and the staff are the best thanks guys.” – Damian McClarin