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Samsung Galaxy Fold already met with criticism

Samsung’s Galaxy Fold, the first foldable smartphone from the hardware manufacturer, has introduced customers the world of foldable smartphones. However, the phone has been met with some criticism, with a large amount of people unhappy with the phone after a great deal of hype.

Here are some of the biggest criticisms of the new phone:

Too expensive

With the device defaulting at around $2000 USD, the phone is already out of the reach of many people. While it’s the first-of-its-kind, the asking price still considered hefty by commentators and reduces the practicality of buying the device. You can by two Galaxy S10’s for the price of one Galaxy Fold.

Screen crease

There is a notorious issue of ‘screen crease’ which occurs when the plastic cover is folder over and over again. While some have argued the crease is a non-issue, many have said that once they notice it, it become a constant annoyance that take away from the luxury of the phone.

Compatibility with apps

None of the apps people currently use are going to be optimised for the Galaxy Fold’s unique screen size. This means that the seamless experience advertised by Samsung may not be realistic yet.


For obvious reasons, the Galaxy Fold is a heavy device that’s double the thickness of a Galaxy S10 and double the width when unfolded. It also reportedly has awkward screen sizes that don’t make using the device convenient while walking around.

Being the first-of-its-kind, the Galaxy Fold is clearly going to be the victim of early issues. No doubt Samsung will address these concerns with their next version of the phone.