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Recycling centre in Cherbourg creating job opportunities for people on parole

The town of Cherbourg in Queensland is the most disadvantaged local government area in the country, with high rates of unemployment and few job opportunities.

However, this has changed with the launch of the Cherbourg Material Recovery Facility, a recycling centre managed by Andrew Beckett. The centre has already provided 11 jobs to the community, with more to come when the centre is expanded in July.

The centre provides jobs for people on parole, giving them a second chance to earn a living and support their family. Barriers to access have been recognised and addressed, with entry-level positions and training provided for those who need it.

The centre has promoted positive change in the community, with greater levels of employment leading to a stronger sense of self-esteem and pride. The community is also cleaner, with more people recycling their cans thanks to the Container Deposit Scheme in which people are given a monetary refund for recycling.

The recycling centre currently handles 3,500 tonnes of material annually, but this number is set to rise to 10,000 tonnes in July.

The centre also receives assistance from several volunteers from the younger generations, who find value in supporting the industry and local community. They hope that volunteering will lead to a paid position in the near future.

Beckett plans to continue the expansion of the recycling centre in the future in order to continue to support the local economy and its citizens.