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5 Best Real Estate Agents in New Jersey🥇

New Jersey is a thriving city which is well known in the USA. It is a popular destination for tourists boasting attractions such as the lights of Atlantic City and The Boardwalk, the historic Old Victorian Cape May, Liberty State Park and the beautiful nature of the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area. It is also home to 8 million people who enjoy the beautiful land and metro area. Tourists flock to New Jersey annually, and this makes it a perfect destination for real estate investment, as well as for new residents to the area looking for a home.

A good real estate agent is a must, but with so many, who should you look to hire? Here are the 5 best real estate agents in New Jersey,  based on this rating points list.

Top Rated Realtors in New Jersey:

1. Ewa Miragliotta

Ewa Miragliotta is an agent who has been in the industry since 2009, and she has excelled at her work. This is in part because of her previous experience with sales and management, but also because of her extensive knowledge of her surrounding areas and suburbs. Her passion for real estate in combination with her efforts for client service is what has delivered her the results she has today.

2. Brett Sikora

Brett Sikora owns the property team Sikora Group, and is a passionate real estate agent. Obtaining his license in 2007, he has now worked in the industry for over 10 years and makes sure to give his team the resources, information and motivation to keep delivering results. If there was a real estate agent worth hiring for New Jersey, Brett Sikora is a great choice.

3. Victoria Carter

Real Estate Agents in NJ

Victoria Carter is not only one of the top real estate agents in New Jersey, but also in the entire nation. She has over 20 years of experience in the industry and helps clients buy and sell their homes with great success.
She understands the value of New Jersey and uses her knowledge to help clients find success in the market.

4. Jorge Aviles

realtors in New Jersey

Jorge Aviles has a proven track record of sales within the real estate industry, and maintains relationships with clients that help him to close deals for them. He works in commercial, international and residential markets and this wide skillset has allowed him to obtain a wealth of knowledge when it comes to the market and how to close successful deals.

Definitely worth a look.

5. Vivian Drozd

real estate agents in New Jersey

Vivian Drozd is an award winning real estate agent who has an incredible 32 years of experience in the real estate market! Holding a degree in business management, she uses her invaluable negotiating skills in order to seal profitable deals for her clients in the real estate industry.

These are the 5 best real estate agents in New Jersey USA, and any one of them would be a great fit for your real estate situation.