5 Best Radiologists in Indianapolis, Indiana 🥇

Best Radiologists in Indianapolis, Indiana

Below is a list of the top and leading Radiologists in Indianapolis, Indiana. To help you find the best Radiologists located near you in Indianapolis, Indiana, we put together our own list based on this rating points list.

Indianapolis, Indiana’s Best Radiologists:

The top-rated Radiologists in Indianapolis, Indiana are:

  • AffordableMRI – offers the most affordable MRI in Indianapolis
  • Radiology of Indiana – provides better options and faster results
  • Meridian Medical Services – a women business enterprise with more than 20 years of experience in providing medical healthcare services
  • Indiana University Health – focuses on making you comfortable while getting the best images for your needs
  • Northwest Radiology – a trustworthy and dependable location for your radiology needs


AffordableMRI in Indianapolis, Indiana

AffordableMRI offers imaging services for everyone. They are the home of the $299 MRI that includes interpretation. This medical facility strives to provide the best budget plans and services to their patients with this affordability. Moreover, their services are fast, for they do not want you to wait to consult with your radiologist. Their online appointment process is easy, and you can book it at your own convenience. Furthermore, they only want to give quality care that you always deserve.


Radiologists, Imaging, MRI


Address: 7301 Shadeland Ave Suite 1D, Indianapolis, IN 46250

Phone: (317) 284 1978

Website: affordablemri.com


“The staff was extremely professional and made me feel special as a client. The appointment was refreshing compared to other providers that I have visited. Upon exiting the appointment, all I could comprehend was A+ service!” – Brenda H.

Radiology of Indiana

Radiology of Indiana of Indianapolis, Indiana

Radiology of Indiana focuses on radiology services throughout Indiana. They offer better options and faster results. Their top radiology experts welcome you to consult with them about your radiology needs. Moreover, it is the job of the radiologist to use imaging technology in healthcare, caring for what they see. With their job and responsibilities, they care for you and your needs. Furthermore, their focus on fast results is superb. Hence, they strive to get your results before leaving the office. In Radiology of Indiana, the best staff and services are waiting for your visit.


Radiologists, Imaging


Address: 7340 Shadeland Station Ste 200 Indianapolis, IN 46256

Phone: (317) 579 2150

Website: radiologyofindiana.com


“I would highly recommend Radiology of Indiana as a result of my numerous encounters with them. Specifically, I would recommend Dr. David Kurlander, who was nothing short of an amazing doctor. During my experience with him, he appeared extremely knowledgeable about my needs and made sure I understood everything that was happening. He was very friendly, made sure that I got my results fast, and his qualifications were superb. Once again, I highly recommend Dr. Kurlander and Radiology of Indiana.” – Eli K.

Meridian Medical Services

Meridian Medical Services in Indianapolis, Indiana

Meridian Medical Services provides affordable, accessible, and high-quality for all. What they are providing helps improve the lives of everyone through healthcare. Besides affordable pricing for all their services, they are proud to utilize their advanced technology for their services. With the advanced technology, they execute the latest imaging options available, offering you the best technology experience during the process. In addition, they are everywhere. With their convenient locations serving 23 counties in Central Indiana, they are always ready to serve you wherever you are.


Radiologists, Imaging, X-Ray


Address: 3266 N Meridian St #101, Indianapolis, IN 46208

Phone: (317) 925 0811

Website: meridian-radiology.com


“Definitely recommend for any x-rays, ultrasounds, and Echocardiograms! GREAT VALUE! Professional and friendly!” – Eric M.

Indiana University Health

Indiana University Health in Indianapolis, Indiana

Indiana University Health offers a wide array of medical healthcare services that include radiology and imaging. In their department of Radiology and Imaging, it is their focus to make you comfortable and get the best images for their patients. As radiographs, scans, and images are important information to help your radiologist and other doctors diagnose your medical concerns, it is their top priority to give a high-quality and comfortable experience for you. Furthermore, their highly trained and knowledgeable technologists are present during your tests to help you feel at ease while providing you the necessary services.


Radiologists, Imaging


Address: 404 East Washington St Ste A Indianapolis, IN 46204

Phone: (317) 963 2610

Website: iuhealth.org


“This hospital is a great health care provider.” – Christina R.

Northwest Radiology

Northwest Radiology in Indianapolis, Indiana

Northwest Radiology is always there whenever you need them. They are dependable and trustworthy, ensuring you the radiology experts and best services are waiting for you. With this, you can expect exceptional and compassionate care from them. Their staff is there to help you, from your appointment scheduling to leaving their facility. For more than 50 years of service, they provide high-quality and affordable imaging services in your locale. Furthermore, they are one of the largest and experienced teams of physicians who specialize in many medical services. In Northwest Radiology, you are in good hands.


Radiologists, Imaging


Address: 10603 N Meridian St, Indianapolis, IN 46290

Phone: (317) 972 9669

Website: northwestradiology.com


“I have gone to Northwest Radiology several times. I have found the staff friendly and professional. They explain what you are to do and answer any questions you may have.” – Kim H.