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5 Best Psychologists in San Antonio🥇

Below is a list of the top and leading Psychologists in San Antonio. To help you find the best Psychologists located near you in San Antonio, we put together our own list based on this rating points list.

San Antonio’s Best Psychologists:

The top rated Psychologists in San Antonio are:

  • Mark R. Zitlin – Mark R. Zitlin, Ph.D., Clinical Psychologist
  • Daniel Stacia – Daniel Stacia M Ph.D., True Life Counseling, PLLC
  • Ana López – Dr. Ana López
  • Katherine Maddox – Maddox Child Psychology, PLLC
  • Margaret Berton – Margaret W. Berton, PhD

Mark R. Zitlin, Ph.D., Clinical Psychologist

Mark R. Zitlin - Mark R. Zitlin, Ph.D., Clinical Psychologist
Mark R. Zitlin – Mark R. Zitlin, Ph.D., Clinical Psychologist. Source: Screenshot from

Mark R. Zitlin, a Los Angeles native, has been based and permanently residing in San Antonio since 1991 for his private practice. He had his clinical internship at the Veterans Administration Medical Center at Cincinnati, Ohio. Starting in 1976, he spent his professional career in community mental health centers, child and adolescent clinics, psychiatric units, HMO clinics, and consultancy with family-owned corporations. Since then he was keen on rendering psychological and clinical help by way of his intensive individual therapy and psychotherapy. He can help patients suffering from family problems, stress disorders, and other behavioral complexities caused by a number of factors.


Individual Psychotherapy, Intensive Individual Therapy, Couple & Marital Counseling, Family Therapy


Address: 4901 Broadway St #100, San Antonio, TX 78209
Phone: (210) 822-5795


“Dr. Mark Zitlin, who my spouse and I have seen for a few months is very perceptive, he has a way of looking beyond what may appear to be the situation being experienced ( marital issues) in my case. I feel very at ease with him and his ability to put a different perspective on issues. I do not feel in this amount of time my judgment is wrong and would recommend to anyone.” -Debbi Kline

Daniel Stacia M Ph.D., True Life Counseling, PLLC

Daniel Stacia - Daniel Stacia M Ph.D., True Life Counseling, PLLC
Daniel Stacia – Daniel Stacia M Ph.D., True Life Counseling, PLLC. Source: Screenshot from

Daniel Stacia graduated from the Colorado State University in 1992 where she earned her degree in Psychology. She pushed through with a doctorate degree in Counselling Psychology this time from the Washington State University. Her Psychology residency followed which was at the University of Texas Medical Branch. Daniel proceeded further with a post-doctoral fellowship and an International OCD Foundation’s Behavior Therapy Training. She has held the directorship of the US Injury Rehabilitation Clinics and a temporary faculty position for a doctoral-level Health Psychology. Her clinical focus is on the maintenance of a healthy and balanced lifestyle and overcoming trauma and anxieties.


Anxiety, Fear, Depression, Chronic Illness, & Bereavement, Christian Faith-Based Counseling, Support Group


Address: 18838 Stone Oak Pkwy Suite 103, San Antonio, TX 78258
Phone: (210) 402-6569


“This was my first time with a therapist, and the entire experience has been extremely beneficial. Dr. Daniel is very knowledgeable and was able to determine the root of my anxiety being OCD rather quickly. Through our time together I have learned the tools to deal with it as well as diagnose it within myself in the future. Thank you!” -Paul Arthur

Dr. Ana López

Ana López - Dr. Ana López
Ana López – Dr. Ana López. Source: Screenshot from

Ana López is a proud South Texan that has been residing in San Antonio since 2009. She is a licensed psychologist that achieved her psychology degree and a doctoral degree from the Chapman University and Chicago School of Professional Psychology respectively. Her clinical experiences are diverse owing to her practice both in Chicago and San Antonio. She has been a clinical provider for Veterans Evaluation Services and a temporary instructor at the University of the Incarnate Word. Ana conducts psychological assessments to individuals, families, and couples and to cases warranting a mandatory psychological evaluation. These may be in Fitness for Duty, pre-employment screenings, court-ordered mental health checks, and Competency to Stand Trials.


Psychotherapy, Psychological Evaluations


Address: 17721 Rogers Ranch #140, San Antonio, TX 78258
Phone: (210) 468-1734


“Thank you Dra. Lopez. For all the assistance and compassionate way of handling your consultations.” -Orville A.

Maddox Child Psychology, PLLC

Katherine Maddox - Maddox Child Psychology, PLLC
Katherine Maddox – Maddox Child Psychology, PLLC. Source: Screenshot from

Katherine Maddox is a Clinical Psychologist licensed to practice and has a specialization in the field of School Psychology. She has a wide clinical knowledge and career background in dealing with cases involving individuals attending schools. Katherine uses her expertise in performing diagnostic assessments in children and adolescents to aid in their learning capabilities. She addresses every behavioral difficulty with the latest effective treatment modality to ensure lasting and quality output. For developmental and attention issues, she works closely with the educator to better correct the problem and subsequently arrive in the most beneficial way to strengthen the weakness.


Assessment, Evaluations, Therapy, Expert Witness


Address: 117 W Craig Pl, San Antonio, TX 78212
Phone: (210) 762-4228


“Listens intently and encourages you to express yourself well without any prejudice in her eyes.” -Lisa M.

Margaret W. Berton, PhD

Margaret W. Berton - Margaret W. Berton, PhD
Margaret W. Berton – Margaret W. Berton, Ph.D. Source: Screenshot from

Margaret W. Berton is a licensed psychologist registered under the National Register of Health Service Providers in Psychology. She has studied music therapy as her undergraduate degree and has been instrumental in her own therapeutic practices. During her graduate training, she was equipped with the learning of the Family Systems Model of Therapy. This type of modality focuses on the unique role one has in his/her family and this applies as well to their roles in bigger populations like communities, schools, and partnerships. Her treatment methods are a mixture of various styles that would depend on the emotional status of the patient. She would either focus on determining the reason for the mental health disorder, concentrate on educating the patient, or rely on behavioral therapies for controlling their emotional states.


Psychotherapy & Counseling for Children, Youth, and Adults, Couples or Family Counseling, Coaching, Limited Psychological Evaluations


Address: 21 Lynn Batts Ln, San Antonio, TX 78218
Phone: (210) 829-1994


“Dr. Berton was awesome! She’s very responsive, flexible, and genuine! Moving here from a distant state, it was difficult to find anyone that would truly listen to me, being a new patient. I was amazed by her flexibility in communication to accommodate my schedule (between talking on the phone, meeting in person, email, and even physical mail!). Highly recommended!” -Robert Kidder