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3 Best Places to Buy Shoe Display Boxes to Show Off Your Kicks

Buying, trading and selling cool kicks has been a pastime for sneakerheads across the world, but particularly in the USA where sneakerhead culture is prevalent across the country. From Nike Air Jordans to Adidas kicks, there is a huge variety of different shoes which are venerated amongst the population, and due to their often limited availability, they can become prized possessions for many people. As a result, people need places to show off their prized kicks besides just leaving them on the floor or on a shelf. This is where shoe display boxes come in. Shoe display boxes are made with the simple purpose of showing off beautiful and rare shoes to guests and work well in their purpose.

Here are the 3 best places to buy shoe display boxes to show off your kicks.

#1 Pumps and KicksTwo people sitting dangling their shoes displaying them in a box.

Pumps and Kicks offers exclusively a shoe display box designed for this very purpose. The box is made of a translucent material which is encased around the sneakers and allows for viewing but no touching. The boxes can come in numerous sizes which allow for a large collection to be displayed and look sophisticated and classy in their design. With closed off doors which can be opened when access to sneakers are required, this display box is the best on the market, hands down.

#2 Sneaker GlassA row of shoes in a display box.

This product’s name gives away what it does, displays sneakers through a glass screen. These boxes from Sneaker Glass can be placed just about anywhere and can be even be placed on a wall with their ‘Floating Display’ design. Having your sneakers hung on your wall looks very classy and is a modern take on displaying sneakers. The lid is removable, allowing access to the sneakers when needed, and the material used is acrylic ensuring no damage will come to your prized sneakers. A great choice for any sneakerhead.

#3 The Container StoreA girl with her legs outstretched displaying her shoes.

The Container Store offers a simpler design for shoe display boxes, but one that works and looks well none the less. This is a great product for anyone who is on a budget but wants to display their shoes nicely. The Container Store offers various other forms of shoe storage too, however the nicest ones come in a clear material which makes it easy for guests to see your kicks, while still having enough money left over to buy more shoes!

Sneakerheads across the world have amassed large collections of shoes. However, these shoes need to be displayed to guests to show off, of course. The shoe display boxes mentioned previously will do their job to store the shoes in an organized manner, whilst showing off their beauty in all their glory.