5 Best Physiotherapy in Dallas, TX

Best Physiotherapy in Dallas

Below is a list of the top and leading Physiotherapy in Dallas. To help you find the best Physiotherapy located near you in Dallas, we put together our own list based on this rating points list.

Dallas’ Best Physiotherapy:

The top rated Physiotherapy in Dallas, TX are:

  • ATI Physical Therapy – is the premier preference for personalized physical therapy
  • 3D Physical Therapy – wants you to heal better
  • Athletico Physical Therapy – Dallas – have been helping remove pain and discomfort from individuals’ lives
  • Dallas Midtown Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation – helping you reach your specific physical goals
  • Southwest Sports & Spine – aimed to return you to your full potential, as soon and as safely as possible

ATI Physical TherapyPhysiotherapy in Dallas

ATI Physical Therapy is the premier preference for personalized physical therapy in a friendly and encouraging environment. Known for outstanding results and an upbeat atmosphere, they provide physical therapy and sports medicine. Its physical therapy services include manual therapy, therapeutic exercise, therapeutic modalities, cardiovascular conditioning, and strength training. Its motivating and friendly team will develop a personalized treatment plan designed to reduce pain, improve mobility and reduce future injuries.


Back/Spine Injuries, Knee Injuries, Sports Related Injuries, Foot/Ankle Injuries, Pre & Post Surgical Conditions, Wrist/Hand/Forearm Injuries, Overuse/Repetitive Stress Injuries


Address: 12747 Midway Rd Ste 150, Dallas, TX 75244
Phone: (972) 979-6577
Website: www.locations.atipt.com/midway-dallas-tx


“The therapists at ATI were able to tailor a treatment plan specific to my needs and expectations. Greg thoroughly examined my shoulder and confirmed with me what I wanted to be able to do once my plan was complete. Whether it was Greg or Arthur, I always felt as if I was pushed to complete my exercises while still working safely with proper form and pace. All of the staff at ATI Farmers Branch have shown to be knowledgeable and personable while also taking the client’s personal care seriously. Although I hope I never need Physical Therapy again, I feel confident that returning to ATI will put me in a position to get the best care available.” – Jerrod T.

3D Physical TherapyTop Physiotherapy in Dallas

3D Physical Therapy is an outpatient clinic specializing in the evaluation, treatment, and rehabilitation of people with musculoskeletal and movement disorders. They are determined, no, obsessed with finding the solution to the problem. Considering just like no two people are the same, neither are their conditions and injuries. They don’t just want you to feel better. They want you to heal better. And to get to that end, 3D Physical Therapy starts at the very beginning. They want to understand fully your limitations and your goals.


Physical Therapy


Address: 3500 Oak Lawn Ave Suite 670, Dallas, TX 75219
Phone: (214) 528-3378
Website: www.3dphysicaltherapy.net


“3D PT is amazing. Katie was my physical therapist and she was awesome. She is so encouraging, understanding, and helpful, and would definitely recommend her. She gave me hope during my therapy that I would not have to suffer from neck and shoulder tension 24/7 and that there was something I could do about it. She also does dry needling which helped me so much with the chronic tension in my shoulders. Her techs are all very nice and helpful and the front desk staff is very friendly and professional!” – Ashley

Athletico Physical Therapy – DallasPhysiotherapy Dallas

Athletico Physical Therapy – Dallas deals with any situation, containing neck and back pain, muscle strains and sprains, and sports and work-related injuries. They give an extensive range of orthopedic rehabilitation and physical therapy services to help you get back to doing the things you love to do. Its practitioners are eager about helping you reach your goals, that is why they create personalized treatment plans that focus on eliminating pain and reducing the risk of future injuries.

For over 30 years they have been helping remove pain and discomfort from individuals’ lives. Their patients trust in their expertise, the reason why 98 percent would recommend them to a friend is that they were able to help make their lives better.


Physical Therapy, Work Injuries, Back Pain, Home Therapy, Pediatric Therapy, & More


Address: 18800 Preston Rd Suite 110, Dallas, TX 75252
Phone: (469) 573-6006
Website: www.athletico.com


“When I started therapy, my left shoulder hurt all the time and I was in so much pain, I couldn’t even sleep on my left side. I could barely lift my left arm let alone pick up anything with any amount of weight. After 4 months of therapy at Athletico, I can lift my arm over my head and do weight training again. Thanks, Vardhan and the team for helping me get my range of motion back and get back to normal!” – Zelda C.

Dallas Midtown Physical Therapy & RehabilitationGood Physiotherapy in Dallas

Dallas Midtown Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation particularize in giving you an exceptional approach to helping you reach your specific physical goals. The team of experts supports you know your potential and take action to decrease or eliminate the physical limitations which keep you from achieving your desired lifestyle.

Every patient is different; their customized approach, tailored to specific needs, enables them to make achievable goals that are based on their lifestyle and physical ability. They utilize evidence-based techniques to identify and treat your medical or post-operative injury effectively.


Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation


Address: 4101 McEwen Rd #100, Dallas, TX 75244
Phone: (972) 701-0366
Website: www.dmptr.net


“I can’t say enough great things about Isaac and his team at Dallas Midtown Physical Therapy!! They were incredibly thorough, high-energy, and super helpful in reaching my goals. I highly recommend them to anyone who needs rehab or PT.” – Kasi B.

Southwest Sports & SpineOne of the best Physiotherapy in Dallas

Southwest Sports & Spine offers an active treatment approach carried out by licensed physical therapists, with the goal of returning you back to function as safely and quickly as possible. A function can be as easy as completing daily activities, or as involved as returning to the high-performance standards of an elite athlete.

Each person has their own specific needs and expectations, and its therapists will work with you to reach your goals. They provide extremity, general orthopedic physical therapy, and spine physical therapy, and sports rehabilitation to patients of all ages, ranging from the non-athlete or weekend warrior to the elite athlete.

Their philosophy of early intervention through a hands-on approach is aimed to return you to your full potential, as soon and as safely as possible.


Ergonomic Assessments, Hand Therapy, Kinesiology Taping, Manual Physical Therapy
Pediatric Orthopedic Physical Therapy, Spine Rehabilitation, Sports Medicine
Temporomandibular Joint Dysfunction (TMD)/Jaw Pain, Trigger Point Dry Needling
Vestibular Rehabilitation, Women’s Health, Work Injury Rehabilitation


Address: 11661 Preston Rd Suite 173, Dallas, TX 75230
Phone: (214) 265-7200
Website: www.locations.vistarehab.com/southwest-sports-and-spine


“I’ve visited this place for years for PT on my shoulders. The staff is knowledgeable and friendly. There’s plenty of space. They do manual adjustments as well as exercises for rehab.” – Stacey M.