5 Best Petrol Stations in San Antonio 🥇

5 Best Petrol Stations in San Antonio

Below is a list of the top and leading Petrol Stations in San Antonio. To help you find the best Petrol Stations located near you in San Antonio, we put together our own list based on this rating points list.

San Antonio’s Best Petrol Stations:

The top rated Petrol Stations in San Antonio are:

  • Costco Gas Station– a one-stop-shop for all everyday needs
  • CITGO – offers motor fuels and numerous private labels to retail outlets
  • Valero – offers renewable fuel solutions to various clients across the area
  • Texaco San Antonio – provides fuels that deliver unbeatable mileage and proven engine performance
  • Five Point Gas Station – provides convenient services for petrol needs

Costco Gas Station

5 Best Petrol Stations in San Antonio1

Costco Gas Station is a one-stop-shop for all everyday needs. The gas station is part of a large warehouse. The warehouse offers various departments and specialty items. This includes fresh produce and meat. Furthermore, there is a food court and pharmacy available. Along with it are an optical department and a shop for hearing aids. Moreover, they offer automotive dealerships. They have professionals certifies to handle this service. Their gas station offers two types of gas: regular and premium. They also offer membership for perks and freebies. There is also a tire service center. Their licensed technician effectively does repairs and maintenance.


petrol station, tire service center, warehouse


Address: 5611 UTSA Boulevard, San Antonio, TX 78249
Phone: (210)-697-9462
Website: costco.com/warehouse-locations/nw-san-antonio-san-antonio-tx-689.html


“Best place in town for gas and especially enjoy the great customer service while getting gas. Costco is awesome and tremendous people and managers. Thank you” – Rudy Delvalle


5 Best Petrol Stations in San Antonio2

CITGO offers motor fuels and numerous private labels to retail outlets. They have petrol stations scattered across the area. IT carries various lubricant products and fuels blended under the CITGO brands. Furthermore, they have an extensive line of finishes automotive and industrial lubricants and oils for various customers. They also have an extensive network of petroleum pipelines and terminals. Their brand offers more than 70 various grades of products. Moreover, they process large volumes of heavy crude oil to deliver only the best to their clients. It leads as one of the best-branded suppliers of gasoline and unbranded commercial fuels.


petrol station, gasoline, petroleum, lubricants


Address: 531 Elm St, San Antonio, TX 78202
Phone: (210)-223-3403
Website: citgo.com


“Typical city gas station and convenience store in an atypical location. Normally​ priced convenience store food near the tourist priced attractions.” – Randy Montgomery


5 Best Petrol Stations in San Antonio3

Valero offers renewable fuel solutions to various clients across the area. They produce their products through the most sustainable methods. Their operators are prided to be the safest and most reliable. Furthermore, they have 3 segments namely refining, ethanol, and renewable diesel segment. They produce essential fuels as the foundation of modern life. Moreover, it is the largest independent petroleum refiner in the world. They have industry-leading innovations and constantly develop their products to become the best. Their products commit to the reduction of toxic emissions to the environment.


petrol station, renewable fuel


Address: 333 San Pedro Ave, San Antonio, TX 78212
Phone: (210)-345-2000
Website: valero.com


“Great Service excellent for what you need Plus have an MTA for Your Money Orders! Great Workers too!” – Ida Workman

Texaco San Antonio

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Texaco San Antonio provides fuels that deliver unbeatable mileage and proven engine performance. They offer road-tested fuels for various vehicles. Their products reduce the build-up of carbon in the engine. This maximizes the vehicle’s performance and mileage. Furthermore, their products clean the engine’s vital parts and protect them from various factors. They also offer unleaded options for passenger cars. Moreover, they also offer fuels for engines prone to knocking. Their petrol stations are scattered across the area. They are also certified and meets all US EPA and state regulations.


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Address: 2408 Palo Alto Rd, San Antonio, TX 78211
Phone: (210)-213-0253
Website: texaco.com


“Great friendly store, makes you feel like you’re in a small town where everyone knows everyone.” – Jimmy Young

Five Point Gas Station

5 Best Petrol Stations in San Antonio5

Five Point Gas Station provides convenient services for petrol needs. Their petrol station offers products and services for everyday travels. They also have a wheelchair accessible entrance. Furthermore, they have great selections of food products for snacks. Their store is neatly organized. They also have a welcoming staff that will cater to any queries. Their professionalism is observable in the way they speak. In addition, they avoid people loitering in the gas station so as not to bother customers. They offer great prices for their fuels and other products.


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Address: 126 Fredericksburg Rd, San Antonio, TX 78201
Phone: (210)-465-9929
Website: fivepoints-corner-store.business.site


“Very neat selection of just about everything you would probably think of and convenient location. Staff is extremely helpful and professional. Perfect cleanliness” – Levi Thatcher