5 Best Personal Trainers in Jacksonville 🥇

5 Best Personal Trainers in Jacksonville

Below is a list of the top and leading Personal Trainers in Jacksonville. To help you find the best Personal Trainers located near you in Jacksonville, we put together our own list based on this rating points list.

Jacksonville’s Best Personal Trainers: 

The top rated Personal Trainers in Jacksonville are:

  • Fitness Lab – welcomes everyone in the gym to achieve their fitness goals
  • Body Works Personal Training – leads in the fitness industry and has been in the industry for more than 20 years
  • Jacksonville Fitness Academy – provides personalized fitness plans complete with exercise and nutrition
  • Ken’s Fitness and Nutrition Studio – specializes in educating and teaching their clients the correct form of exercising the specific muscles of the body
  • Four Friends Fitness – specializes in accommodating the fitness needs of women

Fitness Lab 

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Fitness Lab welcomes everyone in the gym to achieve their fitness goals. The staff ensures that the clients feel part of the community. Their fitness instructors provide all the needed assistance. Furthermore, they provide tailored services according to the target of the customer. Their personal trainers educate clients on how to exercise properly. They also help customers have the correct posture while doing the exercises. This will maximize the results of the exercise. Moreover, they can assess and facilitate the customers; unique requirements. They also help customers set realistic goals with the most fitting activities.

Products/ Services:

personal trainer, gym, nutrition


Address:  8358 Point Meadows Dr, Jacksonville, FL 32256
Phone: (904)-683-3235
Website:  fitnesslabjax.com


”I have been coming to this gym for over 10 years. It’s the best! They have classes, personal training, machines… whatever you are looking for in a smaller more personal setting. I love it here!” – Angie Dempsey

Body Works Personal Training

5 Best Personal Trainers in Jacksonville2

Body Works Personal Training leads in the fitness industry and has been in the industry for more than 20 years. They have a unique and methodical approach to fitness. The trainers help clients reach their individual goals. This is through the implementation of healthy nutrition and fitting services. Furthermore, they have personal training and small group classes. It can be availed upon the preferences of the customer. Moreover, they offer nutrition counseling for the holistic improvement of their clients. They also offer a free first section which includes nutrition consultation, fitness evaluation, and workout.

Products/ Services:

personal trainer, workout, nutrition


Address: 12187 Beach Blvd, Jacksonville, FL 32246
Phone: (904)-210-7242
Website: bodyworkspersonaltraining.com


”Been working out with Brandon for a month or so and just wanted to say he is amazing! Makes me feel comfortable with the different workouts and makes sure that my form is correct! I would highly recommend Body works if you want some direction and good motivation to work out! Give them a call! Price is great too!” – Tatiana Rocha

Jacksonville Fitness Academy 

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Jacksonville Fitness Academy provides personalized fitness plans complete with exercise and nutrition. They have expert personal trainers that effectively guide the clients to perform the needed workouts. Furthermore, they ensure that the clients have the best environment. They instruct them on the proper way of doing the workouts. The trainers also empower them through constant encouragement. Moreover, they offer semi-private and one-on-one personal training. They customize the services to perfectly fit the needs of their clients.

Products/ Services:

personal trainer, weight loss,


Address:  9735 Old St Augustine Rd #11, Jacksonville, FL 32257
Phone: (904)-503-8143
Website: jaxfitacademy.com


”I worked with Pat for several months while he lived in Philadelphia. Pat is easy to talk to, pushes you to exhaustion in every session, and genuinely cares about his clients. You won’t be disappointed!” – Michael Kofman

Ken’s Fitness and Nutrition Studio 

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Ken’s Fitness and Nutrition Studio specializes in educating and teaching their clients the correct form of exercising the specific muscles of the body. They also teach them how to count calories in their diet. Furthermore, they do not encourage miracle diest to avoid the reduction of lean muscle mass. They also provide a meal plan that gives a sufficient amount of protein to the body. this helps in helping the body build the needed muscle while training. Moreover, their in-depth personal training is offered at various durations with competitive prices. They also have mobile raining for the convenience of their clients. There are also boot camps for weight loss and social fun.

Products/ Services:

personal trainer, gym, weight loss


Address: 7640 Lem Turner Rd, Jacksonville, FL 32208
Phone: (904)-731-6883
Website:  kenxtremefit.com


”Love this place! Ken is great with my mom and me creating workouts we can do together but also cater to our individual needs. After just a few weeks we’ve both seen amazing results in our bodies through muscle building and enhanced endurance. So grateful to have found a local and experienced trainer like Ken.” – Chaselle Miranda

Four Friends Fitness 

5 Best Personal Trainers in Jacksonville5

Four Friends Fitness specializes in accommodating the fitness needs of women. They have a maximum of 4 people per class. This allows a more focused personal training services. Their personal trainers monitor the blood pressure and weight loss of their customers. Furthermore, they have a great workout environment in the gym. They also offer health coaching and nutrition services. Moreover, their small group training includes fitness assessment, healthy email sheet, and personalized exercise plans. Their private training includes stretches by trainers and swag bags aside from the common inclusions.

Products/ Services:

personal trainer, personal classes, small group training


Address: 8106 Old Kings Rd S #4, Jacksonville, FL 32217
Phone:  (904)-586-2118
Website: fourfriendsfitness.com


“She helped me to lose 30+ pounds!!! It was amazing working with her, she dosent let you give up easily, yet keeps in mind your Limitations…. Im 100% sure she’s just the trainer you’ve been looking for.” – Ariana Williams