5 Best Personal Trainers in Dallas🥇

5 Best Personal Trainers in Dallas

Below is a list of the top and leading Personal Trainers in Dallas. To help you find the best Personal Trainers located near you in Dallas, we put together our own list based on this rating points list.

Dallas’ Best Personal Trainers:

The top rated Personal Trainers in Dallas are:

  • Get Fit With Faryn – is offering each client a customized and comfortable experience
  • Energy 4 Life Fitness – has created a style of training that mixes physical exercise with mental focus
  • Fitness Minded – is a mobile and in-studio fitness company based out of Dallas Texas
  • NexGen Fitness Personal Training – uses proven methods for delivering real fitness results
  • Trophy Fitness Uptown – continue to deliver an outstanding level of customer service to their members

Get Fit With FarynGet Fit With Faryn

Get Fit With Faryn is offering each client a customized and comfortable experience, which is Frayn’s number one priority. By collectively working alongside a team of professionals, She tries to ensure their programs align with your personal goals. Faryn has been in the health industry for 24 years. 19 years ago she founded getfitwithfaryn. She has learned so many lessons, so much about herself and others through this journey.

She has learned what it truly means to help others, to be compassionate, empathetic, to communicate, listen, and hear others’ needs and wants. It is hard to ask for help, so when people do she doesn’t take that lightly. She believes they all have a story that has led them to where they are now. Grace can go a long way. she is here to guide you on your move. She wants to stand by you and be your teammate all the way through.


Personal Training, Prenatal + Postpartum Wellness + Fitness Coach, Mindfulness + Self Care Coach, Running Coach, Nutrition Coach


Address: 2222 Medical District Dr, Dallas, TX 75235
Phone: (469) 556-2789
Website: www.getfitwithfaryn.com


“Faryn’s #1 goal in life is to help other people realize their full potential. She isn’t the type of trainer to yell and shame you; she works with you to figure out your needs, whether it’s fitness, mindfulness, or nutrition. She has tons of experience with all types of people. She helped me work through stress, disordered eating, body image, mobility issues, and more. She’s the real deal!” – Megan M.

Energy 4 Life FitnessEnergy 4 Life Fitness

Energy 4 Life Fitness has created a style of training that mixes physical exercise with mental focus, this method not only gets you the best results in the least amount of time, but it also assists with your mindfulness throughout the rest of the day. In addition to the physical training, nutrition plays a massive role in health and wellness, so they include nutrition programs specifically designed for your individual needs with all of their private training programs, making this a genuinely complete personal training system.

Energy 4 Life brings the power of domestic fitness training and nutrition coaching right into your home or online, with mobile in-home personal training service around the Dallas County, Texas area.


Mobile In-Home Personal Training, Online Personal Training & Coaching, Metabolic Interval Training, Nutritional & Lifestyle Coaching


Phone: (469) 386-0972
Website: www.energy4lifefitness.com


“Tim is an amazing trainer! I really like his comprehensive approach to fitness. He offers a total package that includes workouts, nutrition, and mental coaching. He is super enthusiastic and I love that he practices what he advises his clients. He is a positive influence in your life… he is more like a lifestyle coach and he will encourage and guide you through your fitness journey. He is also truly professional and I will highly recommend him.” – Aralis S.P.

Fitness MindedFitness Minded

Fitness Minded is a mobile and in-studio fitness company based out of Dallas Texas. The studio is situated in the Design District, while the extent of their mobile services from South Lake, Coppell, Flower Mound, Irving, Grapevine, Carrolton, and Lewisville. They believe in a gradual change that comes from implementing new behavioral modifications over time that will increase progress exponentially a lead to a more fit, healthy, and happy lifestyle. Their priority is to embody what it means to be a personal trainer by ensuring our science, programming and execution are unmatched.


Personal Training, Online Coaching, Remote Training


Address: 1925 E Levee St, Dallas, TX 75207
Phone: (830) 469-5534
Website: www.fitnessmindedpt.com


“Jose is a life-changer. His style is very consultative and his regimen is highly personalized. I am a 47-yr old with bad knees (2 surgeries) and most of the standard workout programs don’t work for me. Jose tweaked a lot of his routines to accommodate my constraints. 3 months later, I feel great and in fact, running for the first time in 5 years.” – Partha R.

NexGen Fitness Personal TrainingNexGen Fitness Personal Training

NexGen Fitness Personal Training in Preston Hollow is transforming what personal training is and can be, with no membership or initiation fees. Individualized personal training with the superior personal trainers in North Dallas, and the comfort and peace of mind of working out in an exclusive, fully-equipped fitness suite reserved just for you.

They use proven methods for delivering real fitness results, customized to your personal goals and abilities. The private setting of their state-of-the-art studios allows for no distractions and the full unfledged attention of your personal trainer from start to finish. Beginning with comprehensive health and fitness assessment, they are able to develop your personal fitness plan, teach you how to optimize your workouts, and hold you accountable every step of the way.


One-on-One Personal Training, Partner & Group Training, Heart Rate Monitoring Technology, Metabolic Testing, Youth & Teen Training, Golf & Athletic Training, Anaerobic Threshold Testing


Address: 10759 Preston Rd Suite 150, Dallas, TX 75230
Phone: (972) 382-9925
Website: www.prestonhollow.nexgenfitness.com


“Love these guys! I train with Matt and he is darn good at what he does, he is very knowledgeable and fun to talk to!” – Holly M.

Trophy Fitness UptownTrophy Fitness Uptown

Trophy Fitness Uptown is situated in the Post Square Apartment building at the predicament of Vine Street and Howell Street block away west of McKinney Avenue. The philosophy behind their clubs was developed here and they continue to deliver an outstanding level of customer service to their members. Trophy Fitness provides an excess of free street parking surrounding the building, as well as free 2-hour garage parking.

Trophy Fitness was launched in 2003 when Kelley Gray observed a real shortcoming in the Dallas fitness market. While many gyms asserted that they were devoted to customer service, in reality, very few actually delivered. Particularizing in personal training and large group training, Trophy Uptown presents a fully customized approach to every person’s fitness needs.


Personal Training, Studio Training, Group Class Training, Hypervolt Recovery, Memberships


Address: 2812 Vine St s-300, Dallas, TX 75204
Phone: (214) 999-2826
Website: www.trophyfitness.com


“This place is great. Atmosphere is always positive, located in a convenient area, plenty of parking, and all the equipment I need. They always keep it super clean and the trainers are incredibly nice as well.” – Kendra C.