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5 Best Payroll Services in Chicago

Every business needs to have some form of payroll service in order to distribute wages to the employees. A payroll service allows for organization, management and efficiency when doing this, as depending on the size of the business, it can get very complicated at times. Traditional payroll services are a thing of the past, and most businesses these days opt for a technology based form of payroll services.

These can make the whole process a lot easier and can ensure that there is no human error which may cause mistakes in the distribution of wages. There are many different types of payroll services out there due to the high demand for them. It can therefore be difficult to choose one for your business.

Top rated payroll services in Chicago:

1. HQ Tax

HQ Tax

HQ Tax are a payroll services that is headed by professional accountants, so they definitely know what they are doing. They offer to take over your payroll functions and help to automate them as well as tax compliance, reporting to federal and state governments and to employees and subcontractors. The IRS can be very strict in its regulation of payrolls, and HQ Tax are experts in this field that can ensure you do it right.

2. SRJ Consulting

SRJ Consulting offers a variety of accounting services including payroll services. Headed by professional accountant Shiv R. Jhawar, he is licensed to practice before the IRS and knows everything there is to know about accounting according to their rules and regulations. Their payroll services allow you to be compliant with laws and be efficient in its functions.

3. Clarke PA

Clarke PA

Clarke PA is a full service accounting firm that helps small to medium sized businesses with their accounting needs, including payroll services. They offer a monthly service which includes a huge variety of accounting needs, which includes payroll services and compliance with multi state laws, direct deposits and an employee portal. This is everything your business needs in one place.

4. Del Real Tax

Del Real Tax also offers a number of accounting services, including payroll services. They believe the IRS has made payroll a time consuming process, and that outsourcing is the best way to be efficient about it. They offer everything you need to do with payroll, including compliance, tax deposits and the keeping of payroll records. Outsourcing definitely seems like a good idea.

5. D Tax People

D Tax People

D Tax People are a Chicago based team of accountants who know all about compliance with the IRS regulations and laws. They offer all things accounting including income tax, payroll, tax resolutions and general accounting functions. Definitely worth looking into.

These are the 5 best payroll services in Chicago, based on this rating points list, and if you have a business of any size, you should definitely look into outsourcing your payroll and accounting functions.