5 Best Pawn Shops in San Jose 🥇

5 Best Pawn Shops in San Jose

Below is a list of the top and leading Pawn Shops in San Jose. To help you find the best Pawn Shops located near you in San Jose, we put together our own list based on this rating points list.

San Jose’s Best Pawn Shops: 

The top rated Pawn Shops in San Jose are:

  • Buy Sell Loan, Inc. – offers hassle-free transactions for local residents to have the needed money quickly
  • EZ Cash Pawn Shops – offers confidential and smooth transaction of pawning
  • R&J Jewelry and Loan – requires no credit and grants their customers cash instantly
  • Cash for Gold – a top-rated gold buyer with complete licenses and certifications
  • Mac’s Coins – buy and sell various high-value items

Buy Sell Loan, Inc. 

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Buy Sell Loan, Inc. offers hassle-free transactions for local residents to have the needed money quickly. They buy and sell gold, platinum, and silver products. The shop also accepts rare coins, art masterpieces, and diamond jewelry. They have 5 locations across the Bay Area. Furethmroe, they have friendly and expertly trained staff to deliver quality services. They also have a store on eBay for the convenience of their customers. Moreover, they accept automobiles for pawns. they provide a transparent transaction in all the items they buy and sell.

Products/ Services:

pawn shop, rare coins, gold, silver, platinum, watch


Address: 1095 W San Carlos St, San Jose, CA 95126
Phone: (408)-294-3143
Website: buysellloan.com


”I thank them all for the great service and kindness they showed me and the comfort I felt dealing with their business. Thank you all for your help and God Bless you all, and if there are any out there who need their service, please don’t hesitate to go to Buy Sell Loan, they will treat you right.” – Sandi Nanez

EZ Cash Pawn Shops 

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EZ Cash Pawn Shops offers confidential and smooth transaction of pawning. They provide families with the needed funds during financial emergencies. The pawnshop accepts all household items, electronics, and musical instruments. In addition, they accept high-end watches, diamonds, and gold. Mechanical tools also take part in their pawning services. Moreover, they buy unwanted valued items at competitive prices. They provide great professionalism in all the services they offer. The shop also offers merchandise at affordable prices. Their online inventory makes it easier for customers to choose their preferred products.

Products/ Services:

pawn shop, gold, watch, diamond


Address: 2137 Tully Rd, San Jose, CA 95122
Phone: (408)-254-2274
Website:  bestcollateral.com


”I had done a pawn sometime in March of 2019. There was a. car accident in early 3June that left me in a coma for 3 weeks. I contacted them and explained what had happened and was told not to worry about my item.It was another 5 month before I was able to do a pick up. It was a reasonable amount above the pawn amount, and my situation was not taken advantage of.” – Wade Nelson

R&J Jewelry and Loan 

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R&J Jewelry and Loan requires no credit and grants their customers cash instantly. They also allow their customers to retain the ownership of their valuable. The pawnshop also offers fast cash at low-interest rates. Furthermore, they have been serving the area since 1978. The shop became a trusted establishment in the area. They do not require long and many agreements for their services. Moreover, they understand the need for money and focuses on helping the community through loans. They offer instant cash loans and high-dollar loans. The shop also buys and sells luxury accessories like watches and jewelry.

Products/ Services:

pawn shop, jewelry, watches, handbags


Address: 1775 Story Rd #115, San Jose, CA 95122
Phone: (408)-770-9774
Website: randjjewelry.com


”For being a pawn shop, the jewelry and display setup they have is very impressive. They offer a surprisingly wide selection of jewelry for both men and women and you can ALWAYS catch a good deal. I wanted to get a new watch so I stopped in and sure enough, I was able to find a great deal on a lightly used Rolex that I loved!” – Donald Greenwood

Cash for Gold

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Cash for Gold is a top-rated gold buyer with complete licenses and certifications. They directly deal with smelters and pays more than other gold buyers. Moreover, they have free appraisals of gold and silver jewelry. They provide honest information on how the jewelry is worth it. The customer then decides if they want to sell their jewelry. Furthermore, they have two local locations in San Jose. They also use top-notch equipment to quickly serve their customers. Within 15 minutes, the whole process is typically completed.

Products/ Services:

pawn shops, gold, silver, jewelry


Address: 2306 Almaden Rd, San Jose, CA 95125
Phone: (408)-723-7089
Website: cashforgoldsanjose.com


”Consistently friendly & great people who work here who will treat you well! Good experience and good buy value for my gold pieces. This was my third time coming here. Highly recommend.” – Juliana Buchser

Mac’s Coins

5 Best Pawn Shops in San Jose 5

Mac’s Coins buy and sell various high-value items. They accept gold, silver, and platinum jewelry. The shop also appraises diamonds and jewelry. Furthermore, they have a coin specialist for their collections. Their staff provides comprehensive instruction for the whole transaction. they also ensure that the process runs smoothly and hassle-free. Moreover, they have a diverse collection of coins from around the world. They have the rarest coins in their inventory. In addition, they offer Indian jewelry and diamonds for sale.

Products/ Services:

jewelry, coin, pawnshop


Address: 1049 E El Camino Real #3, Sunnyvale, CA 94087
Phone: (408)-732-8575
Website: macscoinshop.com


”Hands down the best place to buy gold or silver. The owner will double check the online stores like Apmex and will either beat or meet their price. Also their buy back price is spot on.” – Sam S.