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5 Best Orthodontists for Braces in Ontario

Braces are something that most kids will go through at some point in their lives. It is a stage that can take some adjusting to, and it is common to see many kids running around with their mouths full of metal. These metallic smiles aren’t there for no good reason though, braces provide a great way to correct a kid’s smile while they are in their developmental years, and ensure they have a beautiful smile by the time they reach adulthood. The majority of people are not born with perfect teeth, and braces are usually required to correct these teeth and move them into their proper places. Braces are, therefore, a lucrative market, and there are many orthodontists who offer these services to the population.

For those within the Ontario area looking for an orthodontist for their kid, here are the 5 best ones to go to.

#1 Ontario Kids n BracesA girl with braces from Ontario orthodontist smiling.

Ontario Kids n Braces has been providing high-quality dentistry work and braces for all ages within the Ontario area. They are privately owned, and listen to their customers’ every question, and will aim to provide the highest level of quality possible when it comes to their work. They provide services including braces, Invisalign, dental exams, and emergency work. This practice specifically focuses on the pediatric market and is therefore great for your kids.

#2 Straight Smiles for OrthodonticsA boy with braces from orthodontist wearing a hat with his hands on his head.

Straight Smiles for Orthodontics is run by Dr. Tony Pasquale and a team of professionals. As well as the usual treatments available at practices, they even offer diagnostic technologies and treatment options such as ceramic braces, invisible braces, the use of 3D digital scanners to eliminate the use of molds, and even colorful braces! A native of the Ontario area, Dr. Tony Pasquale aims to serve his community.

#3 Tooth CornerA girl with braces from an orthodontist in Ontario smiling.

Tooth Corner is an orthodontic practice in Ontario which like the others mentioned, provides braces services, as well as others including crowns, extractions, bridges, oral hygiene, implants, and much more. The offices have been operating for over 15 years now, and have provided quality the entire time.

#4 Ontario SmileAn orthodontist with a tool in a patients mouth fitting braces.

Ontario Smiles offers services to do with braces, dental implants, teeth whitening, veneers, and clear aligner therapy. Their prices are very reasonable, and affordable for most. For affordable prices and high-quality service for your teeth, look no further than Ontario Smiles.

#5 North Shore DentalA girl with braces from an Ontario orthodontist looking away and smiling.

North Shore Dental provides comprehensive dentistry for your whole family in Toronto and Ontario. They can bring preventive teeth cleanings, full and partial dentures, teeth whitening, emergency dentist appointments, and also can provide sedation for anxious patients. They have it all here at North Shore Dental.

These are the 5 best orthodontists for braces in Ontario. Each of these dental practices provides these services, as well as many more.