3 Best Online Stores to Rent Furniture in the US

3 Best Online Stores to Rent Furniture in the US

Renting a new place is always a bit of a chore, but an exciting one nonetheless as you are moving to a new home. Many homes come unfurnished and will look quite bare when you first move in. You will need to furnish these homes with furniture such as sofas, desks, tables and so on in order to make it really feel like home, and of course for it to be functional as a home. However, furniture can be notoriously expensive, especially if you want high quality products which can last a long time and look aesthetically pleasing. Renting furniture has become a popular choice in the modern age, as people want good furniture while not having to pay full price for it. You can still have a great looking house with functional products without having to break the bank.

Here are the top 3 best online places to rent furniture in the US.

#1 The EversetA room of furniture rented from an online store in the US.

The Everset is a clean cut website which offers furniture for rent. They have designer curated packages for set themes of furniture, so you can keep your interior design consistent. There are many benefits that come with using The Everset, including no monthly memberships, affordable monthly payments, brand new mattresses which you get to keep, free delivery and assembly within the New York City area and you do not need to throw away your old furniture for barely any return. With all this, you would be foolish not to go for The Everset and furnish your home with amazing furniture.

#2 CortFurniture in the US from an online store.

Cort lets you rent furniture for a variety of settings including for home environments and office areas. The furniture they offer is stylish, high quality and functional, and will make your home or office look fantastic. They have a number of different themes available which will make your place look great, and the themes are consistent. Cort is experienced in flexibility, and their mission is to give the best possible experience with them. Can’t go wrong with them.

#3 Brook Furniture RentalOnline furniture rented in the US.

Brook Furniture Rental offers furniture rental, the easy way. They provide furniture for rent for homes, offices and students. They have a number of different positive reviews on their website which prove their track record of success and providing positive experiences for their clients. They have some of the highest customer satisfaction rates in this field and will be sure to give you a good experience.

If you are moving to a new place and need to furnish it, then these are the best places to look. Any one of them will provide a great service to you.