Top 5 Best Online Stores to Buy Chess Sets in the UK

Top 5 Best Online Stores to Buy Chess Sets in the UK

Chess is a timeless game that will never go out of fashion. Combining elements of strategy, skill, experience, and intelligence in order to win, chess is a game that consistently challenges even the greatest mind whilst putting a competitive edge to it. The game continues to be popular after all these years, and chess tournaments are still some of the greatest board game competitions around which bring the greatest players together and pits them against each other in a battle of wits. Chess sets are also a great way to express art, as many artists have taken to carving out their own chess pieces and sets with varying themes.

Here are the top 5 best online stores to buy chess sets:

#1 Official StauntonA father and son sitting opposite a chess set bough online in the UK.

Official Staunton is based in the UK and provides some of the best chess sets on the market. Each board is carved out from exquisite wood such as mahogany, and the quality of boards ranges from simple and cheap boards to proper chess boards made from high-quality wood. Official Staunton really has it all, and you will be able to find something that suits your situation here.

#2 Regency Chess Co UKA girl smiling as she plays chess on a chess set bought online UK.

Regency Chess Co UK offers chess sets, chess boards, chess pieces, and even backgammon sets. The products listed are relatively cheap and affordable, even the very nice looking ones such as the Isle of Lewis chess sets and luxury Staunton chessmen. With a 30-day return policy, you can always get your money back if you change your mind about your purchase. Can’t really go wrong here!

#3 Chess Sets Co UKA group of kids playing on a chess set from an online store in the UK.

Chess Sets Co UK is slightly unique to the others as it offers chess clocks and chess cases in addition to chess pieces, chess sets, chess boards, and backgammon sets. They are the biggest retailer of chess sets in the UK, and they offer simple chess sets within a large range of different products and brands from all over the world, all attached to fantastic prices. They have the biggest range of different chess boards on any site.

Great selection!

#4 KaooriTwo men sitting at a table playing chess on a chess set from a UK online store.

Kaoori boasts a great rating from reviews, and this is indicative of their exceptional service and products offered. They even offer a three-player chess set, something that is a new concept but increasingly popular and lots of fun! They also offer antique chess sets for those who appreciate older products.

#5 Chess BaronA woman moving chess pieces on a chess set she bought online in the UK.

Chess Baron offers very classy chess sets and is ideal for those who enjoy simpler chess boards which ooze style and sophistication. They have software and DVDs, as well as books, on chess as well as general chess products such as sets and boards in varying themes.

If you are looking for chess sets and boards, and are based in the UK, then these are the best online stores to go to.