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Online quizzes are changing the business and education worlds thanks to Cyril Gaillard and Fyrebox

Both the business world and the education world have seen an increase in the use of online quizzes as a means for generating engagement and gathering data. Cyril Gaillard founded Fyrebox to meet this demand for online quiz platforms. Fyrebox continues to optimize their services and create new ways of engaging users and ensuring that quizzes are completed in order to adequately provide the data to teachers or businesses.

For businesses and teachers alike, the quizzes that can be created on Fyrebox will be beneficial for boosting the engagement of customers or students respectively. With a fun and exciting way to participate, people are more likely to do so. Through creating a platform through which quizzes can be created easily and customized accordingly, teachers and businesses have the opportunity to gather data on their students or customers in a way that is fun for them.

Founder Cyril Gaillard outlines three key benefits of this platform. For businesses and teachers, the main benefit is the ability to recruit new students or customers by creating a simple quiz on a website. For teachers, there is also the ability to test existing students and quickly identify any problem areas and the ability to turn students into quiz makers and use this as an assignment. Teachers can utilize this data to assess students and determine their progress in certain subject areas. Business can use this to gather data on their target audience and add their information to mailing lists to increase reach and generate leads.

More and more businesses are moving online and education has been following. Digital marketing is essential for businesses in this day and age and Fyrebox quizzes are a useful tool for staying ahead of the competition. As a means of quickly gathering data on potential customers, quizzes are unmatched and are often the way in which customers are most willing to offer up their information. Businesses can use the data to convert customers or to better understand the needs of their target market and determine how to adapt their business strategies accordingly. For schools, teachers are becoming increasingly expected to utilize online tools and Fyrebox is an easy way for them to start learning how to do this. Online teaching platforms such as Google Classroom are on the rise and platforms like Fyrebox can be used to compliment this.

Since its foundation, Fyrebox has continued to push this move to online learning forwards and, through the leadership of Cyril Gaillard, remains at the forefront of online quiz platforms.