5 Best Office Rental Space in Indianapolis, IN

5 Best Office Rental Space in Indianapolis, IN

Below is a list of the top and leading Office Rental Space in Indianapolis, IN. To help you find the best Office Rental Space located near you in Indianapolis, IN, we put together our own list based on this rating points list.

Indianapolis, IN’s Best Office Rental Space:

The top-rated Office Rental Space in Indianapolis, IN are:

  • 120 Market Suites – Indianapolis office space in an innovative environment.
  • Yeager Office Suites – ease into a move-in-ready suite with no Lease term and rates.
  • Regus – professional business solutions for your office space needs.
  • Alpha Office Suites – providing professional and affordable month-to-month office suites.
  • ZONE 31 – all-inclusive commercial office suites in Indianapolis.

120 Market Suites

5 Best Office Rental Space in Indianapolis, IN

120 Market Suites provides top-tier professional office space for companies and businesses looking for a safe and clean spot to grow their business in Indy. They offer a variety of office sizes that includes free amenities. 120 Market Suites is ideally located being near downtown Indianapolis and has access to other main roads and external amenities. Amenities like 24/7 access, free internet, and conferences are among the few perks of renting office space from 120 Market Suites. The building is also very well-maintained and is cosmetically pleasing from both outside and inside the building.

Office suites, amenities, meeting rooms, private offices, virtual offices

Address: 120 E Market St, Indianapolis, IN 46204
Phone: (317) 634-8001
Website: modernofficespace.com

This is the best location in the city!! The package deals for office space are unbeatable. Great staff and tenants! If you don’t believe me, come take a tour today! – Kwashaad Smith

Yeager Office Suites

The Best Office Rental Space in Indianapolis, IN

Yeager Office Suites focuses on companies’ and businesses’ needs in terms of office space so they can maximize output. This office rental space offers clients the ultimate workspace experiences all-inclusive in their rates. Yaeger Office Suites offers office suites, co-working, and meeting room rentals for companies in need of prime office space in Indianapolis. Their suites are easy to move in and do not have any terms or leases. The professional and friendly vibe the building has is known to help office workers work efficiently and stress-free without the worry of any building issues. If you are in Indianapolis and want your company to rest in one of the city’s best office spaces, call Yaeger Office Suites today to find out about their latest deals.

Office suites, co-working, meeting rooms

Address: 9165 Otis Ave, Indianapolis, IN 46216
Phone: (317) 532-9500
Website: yeagerproperties.com

I’ve always had a great experience when visiting this location. The property manager has always been incredibly helpful and professional. I’d highly recommend working with her for any of your office/working space needs. – Chad Beasley


Best Office Rental Space in Indianapolis, IN

Regus is considered one of the best office space providers in the world. This company has created a vast network of office spaces across thousands of locations in the world. Regus Indianapolis provides a professional and clean office workspace for entrepreneurs, freelancers, small companies, and businesses to nest in and thrive. Many large corporations also call Regus their home like LinkedIn, Amazon, and Uber who find Regus’s office space ideal for their employees. If you want to experience Regus firsthand, call them today to set up an appointment and a tour of the facilities.

Office space, co-working, virtual offices, meeting rooms

Address: 333 N. Alabama Street, Indianapolis, IN 46204
Phone: (317) 677-7100
Website: regus.com

Emily and Megan make this office great. I was here for about 5 months while my office was being built out. The offices were clean and I never had any issues to complain about. If you’re looking for a temp workspace, I would highly recommend them!! – Emily Ross

Alpha Office Suites

Indianapolis, IN Best Office Rental Space

Alpha Office Suites offers a more personalized office space experience to businesses and freelancers that suits their needs. This Indy office space rental provider provides an enticing entrance and reception area that has a homey and pleasant vibe. Alpha Office Suites also offers a variety of amenities within the facility that will cater to all client’s general needs like copy machines, Wi-Fi, fax machines, and more. They offer a full-service experience that will cater to any and all clients from freelancers, entrepreneurs, small companies, start-ups, and more. If you are looking for that quaint little office space where you can grow your brand, ring Alpha Office Suites today to ask their rates.

Monthly office suites, parking, amenities, class-A building

Address: 3905 Vincennes Road Indianapolis, IN 46268
Phone: (317) 471-3500
Website: alphaofficesuites.com

One of the best office spaces in Indianapolis. An amazing place from the top down. Amenities are fantastic and the area is clean. – Miller Hunter


Indianapolis, IN's Best Office Rental Space

ZONE 31 is an office space rental provider that is known to offer excellent service and facilities. Since opening in 1959, ZONE 31 has grown and maintained its status as one of the premier office space rentals in the city. ZONE 31 provides the perfect environment for any business or start-up to grow and thrive due to the atmosphere and vibe the building has. It has a variety of options for office space from large and small suites and has amenities built-in in each suite. If you are an entrepreneur, a freelancer, or a small business owner in Indianapolis and are looking for the ideal place to put your business in, ZONE 31’s office and workspace is the perfect place to start.

Office space rental, premium features, free amenities

Address: 5251 S. East Street Indianapolis, IN 46227
Phone: (317) 429-0060
Website: zzone31.com

I absolutely enjoy this place. It is very clean and the space is perfect for someone wanting to start their business on the Southside of Indiana. This is definitely one of those don’t judge a book by its cover and actually see for yourself. – Christopher Springfield